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  1. Ariston H2O Error Code.

    I bit the bullet and took the machine to a repair centre. The fault was : The cold water inlet has two solenoid valves, one of which is low flow, the other high. One of those valves had failed. Once replaced the machine is working fine again. I post this in the hope it will assist others with the same fault.
  2. Ariston H2O Error Code.

    Thanks. I've done a fair bit of experimentation thus far. Depending on the wash program selected the volume of water being drawn in initially varies. I can feel and hear it coming in on both the hot and cold supplies (I've checked these for flow rates off the machine and their fine). Once the initial fill completes the flow stops which would suggest that it's not siphoning. It seems that as soon as it changes to the rinse cycle that the slow / restricted water intake issue presents. I'm leaning towards a problem perhaps in the controller, my next test would be to see what voltage is being delivered to the inlet valves during the initial fill and then compare that with what happens when the rinse cycle is selected. Any suggestions as to how to test the valves would be useful, in terms of expected resistance across the terminals ? The machine model name is also Aqualatis, I'm not sure if that has any links to the Hoover machine of the same name and whether this maybe a common fault ? Thanks for any suggestions you can make !
  3. Hi. Greetings from the colonies ! I'm in Australia but info is thin on the ground and I'm hoping some help from the 'old country' can assist me. I have an Ariston AQXXF 129 front loading washing machine. The machine will start a wash cycle OK. Water can been seen / felt being drawn in. However when it changes to the rinse / spin cycle an Error message : H2O is displayed on the LCD. Research suggests that this relates to a problem with water in / water out. I don't think it's drawing water when switching to spin cycle as I can neither feel or hear water in the pipes then. I've checked the pipes and there are no blocks, issues with water pressure / FOD in the filter. I've checked the outlet pipe and it's clean. The pump impeller is free and turns when the machine is on. The drain pipe from the drum to the pump is free and clean. I've checked the vacuum sensor pipe and it seems OK. I've pretty technically minded / good with machines and have and can use a multimeter so any suggests as to diagnosis / remedy appreciated. Being a fair way from a major city getting it repaired is going to be a very costly matter and typically it's out of warranty. Some info suggests maybe a problem with the intake valves, but if that's the case surely the machine would present the error code at the start of the wash cycle ? Anyway - thanks for any assistance or advise anyone can provide.