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  1. The manual does not mention a pump that sprinkles water on the clothes. I have been able to use the washer since without noise and have been unplugging the power when not in use. However, when the washer is not in use, I have noticed a couple of times that the noise starts when using the hot tap in the kitchen and stops when turned off. But it does not happen everytime. So I assume it is something to do with the plumbing. I will try cleaning the water inlet filters. Hopefully the noise will not return.
  2. Hello, My washing machine made a loud strange noise about a short time after turning on. It was not a continuous noise, it is very hard to describe but the best I can do is a humming clicking noise repeating every few seconds. I turned off the power and it continued. 5 minutes later i noticed water leaking and turned off the mains supply too but the noise continued. I did notice that hot water was dribbling in the dispenser. After draining all the water we took the machine apart and found the door seal has a split in. This has now been replaced. And water does not leak. I was able to successfully do one wash load but on the second wash load the noise happened again. Again i turned off power and water but the noise continued for at least 10 minutes. Whilst the noise was still happening I turned everything back on and was able to continue with the wash cycle with the noise stopping when the drum started moving. I have a Siemens ExtraKlasse and have used it for several years without problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.