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  1. So what you seem to imply is either ISE sold a Beko built machine with some exchanged parts at a massively inflated price or that A Beko isn't actually a comparable machine because ISE saw fit to replace some of the parts of the Beko machine that they sold on. I do feel that the ISE was promoted as a high(er) quality machine partly because of it's 5 yr warranty and also in no small part, verbally inferred by the service company who were their agents.
  2. Update, Today (16.1.12) I had a call from the company who supply replacement machines who have been authorised to replace the machine, however they offered a Beko WMB 61631, (or a Hotpoint WMPF 762P) which as far as I am aware isn't a comparible machine, the ISE was £499 and the Beko retails at £225. Whilst I appreciate we had the ISE for 3 years, it hasn't been 3 years of fault free use...quite the opposite really. I would expect a like for like replacement especially as the washing machine is well within it's warranty period. At this moment I have refused this offer and will be calling CSS to discuss this further.
  3. It seems upon fairly lengthy research that I might well be the only unlucky person that has had a problem...sorry continued problems with an ISE machine. The background: My wife and I bought an ISE 5 about 3 years ago now after a problem with our old washing machine that needed bearings and a drum replacement (costly and pretty much beyond economic repair). Our local engineer (I will withold names but I do not have a problem with them at all) is an ISE agent and recommended one to us as at the time we had 2 children (now 3) and as such generated a fair amount of washing. It was promoted by it's ease of repair and warranty. We bit the bullet and ordered one and to start it was fantastic, efficient and super quiet. I went so far as to recommended them to a friend who went on to purchase one. Before long though it started to operate more noisily, we called the engineer who diagnosed a water pump problem and changed the part...no quibble and all was well. However since this we have had a catalogue of further problems. Without investigation I cannot give precise dates of the earlier issues but I recall (and ISE have it recorded) that we have since had the engineers out on occasions to attend to the water pump again, the heating element, the belt to the drum, the control panel, the drum bearings and most recently in November last year (aprox.7th Nov), the bearings started to fail again and upon inspection by the engineer they said they would have to order the part. Shortly after then the motor also failed (14th Nov). After about a week this was fixed but then on th 18th Dec The drum developed a rumble that turned into a severe knocking, this appeared to be caused by the drum possibly being mis-aligned (could be wildly wrong but it didn't seem to spin straight on an empty cycle, but I'm not the expert though) causing any load to be spun out of balance, we again contacted the engineer and they have been out to look at this. Since their visit on 20th Dec the machine then showed a '09' fault (internal control panel?) the engineers returned to look at this problem and we have since been told that the machine is 'broken' It has now been taken away for inspection. I have sent ISE e-mails concerning the above and am now currently waiting for a report as to why we are getting the continued problems. The machine was initially and consiquently set up by the engineer and filters checked/emptied by me regularly. It has never been used outside of it's design perameters...regular use for a family of 5. I have to say that every time the engineers have been out there has not once been any question of any work not being done under warranty although on more than one occasion they have not been able to affect a repair at the time (sometimes a weeks wait )The fact is that the warranty has been the saving grace of this machine and that perhaps we have been particularly unfortunate. Today I had a call from CSS, the underwriters for ISE who are understandably concerned as to why there have been repeated claims for the same parts in such a short time and wanted to send someone to inspect it. I directed them to the engineers who now have it. I still like the idea and concept behind ISE (my wife's not so sure) and I'm convinced (because of absolutely no other reports I can find of other users having had problems) that we've had a duff machine. I really don't like to come across as someone who likes to try and fleece a warranty but I really feel that no matter what repair is undertaken another fault is likely to appear not far down the road and since the first issues presented themselves well within the first year I don't think it too unreasonable at this point to request a replacement machine. I welcome any comments and will keep you posted on any outcome. Thanks