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  1. Hi, I've a brand new Bosch WAS28461GB Logixx 8 that leaks from the soap draw (from both underneath and from the handle). It only seems to do this on 60 and 90 degree washes. I've called Bosch twice. The first response "was the draw closed?". Er, YES. The second time I was advised to turn the inlet tap off a little to lower the water pressure. Didnt work, but in any case the installation manual says to have an inlet pressure of 1-10bar. My water pressure is 2.5bar. The machine is levelled correctly. I cannot see any blockages (if I open the draw a little during fills, all 3 sections of the draw fill freely. I can only assume its condensation from the hot washes. The entire underside of the draw if you remove it is wet/dripping. On 90deg washes especially, the handle area of the draw is normally very wet when you put your hand inside. I cant help but feel this is a design flaw - and that the handle should be sealed from the inside of the draw (not just an open cut out) and a rubber seal around the draw edge too. Is this "normal"? For a £500 machine, it doesnt seem normal or right to me. But if its a common thing I dont want to go through the hassle of returning it and getting another machine only to have the same problem. My 10yr old Bosch this replaced never did this. Thanks, Nick.