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  1. As an update I have happily been using laundry bags for my more delicate clothes, but my washing machine has overstepped the mark today and put a hole in a perfectly good pair of jeans. I'd thought them too thick to be pulled through the drum holes. The jeans are a slightly stretchy material. I've done the tights test and they don't snag on anything. What can you do to locate problem drum holes? Do you have any suggestions for that please?
  2. Thanks for the response....well I thought it was just on the front of clothes and so blamed my belt for a few years, bought some new belts, gave up wearing belts etc, to no avail. The most recent top I know hasn't ever been worn with a belt. Also I had spilled food on this top before washing it so had inspected it closely before and after washing it which is why I noticed the new holes straight away. The 2 holes looked puckered like they had been tugged by something. There were no bra's in that wash. Also I've been noticing more and more holes in other clothes so they aren't just at the front. E.g. on the sleeve and back of cardigans, random places on duvet covers I've ordered some laundry bags so I'm going to see if using them will save my clothes. I've read quite a few posts now and have been over the drum with some tights over my hand but haven't found any sharp parts. I think nearly every item of clothing I own now has at least one hole in it. I'm currently wearing a top with a cardi over it, the cardi has one hole in it (on the front, but the front hangs by my sides, there are no buttons or zips etc to do the cardi up) and the top has 2 both lower front. My trousers don't have any holes, but I wonder if that's because the material is thicker. I'll have to buy some cheap t-shirts and do the test of washing it and never wearing it.
  3. I just found this thread from performing a search on exactly this problem. I have been puzzled by the appearance of small holes in my tops for a few years now and have finally narrowed it down to being my washing machine which is a Zanussi and came with my apartment when I bought it new nearly 6 years ago. It's a new build and so the washing machine was new. Is the answer to turn the spin speed down? Mines currently on 1000. Will 900 be better or even lower? The last wash I did was a half load and I am really quite upset that my brand new top now has 3 holes in it. I really liked this top and it wasn't cheap!