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  1. All of the above have been checked. Still nothing
  2. Hello, I've got a huge problem with my washer dryer. Here's what's happening: several months ago i noticed that at the end of a wash cycle time was running slowly - now i know it was due to slow draining. Eventually the f05 error came up once every few weeks, but now it's on every time and i can't finish any wash cycle. It gets on between 'wash' and 'rinse' so it's during the first drain. I have checked the filter and the pump (with the ball in), both perfectly clean. I have blown into the outlet hose and it's fine too. I have replaced the motor of the pump with a new one and it's still the same. I can always hear the pump working but the water is not being removed from the drum. When i start a 2 minute drain programme it will end after 20 minutes or stop with the f05 error at some point. I know this error code could be related to the pressure switch, but since the pump is working, just very slowly, could this be the case? Please give me some advice i'm stuck with 4 baskets of washing and nothing left in the wardrobe... I'll appreciate all your help thank you