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  1. Hi there, Our "t/rusty" 10-year-old Hoover washer-dryer died at the weekend. It's far from the best performer, so we've decided to replace rather than repair. Also: we thought we might split the function and get a separate washer and dryer. Popping in to John Lewis and getting some help led us as far as the Siemens WM14S496GB (£549 after trade-in, 5 year parts/labour guarantee; 10 year guarantee on motor). I felt a little talked-up to it, although, to be fair, we had shown interest in the low-end Mieles (though talk of the high repair costs put me off them a bit). The things that appeal are: very adjustable programmes, apparently simple controls, large drum, low temp/cold wash, quieter IQ motor (it sits at the far back end of an L-shaped kitchen diner, so sound can be a bother), curtain programme, anti-leak shutoff. And the 5-year guarantee. Unfortunately, I can find no reviews for this model anywhere (Which? or otherwise) so perhaps it's very new(?) I was a little disappointed/concerned that Siemens seems to rank a little lower in reliability than Bosch on Which?. Both our parents always seems to buy Bosch; they have a market perception as being pretty solid, but the shorter guarantees and generally slightly-flimsier build-feel in the shop didn't appeal overmuch. However, casting about on the JL website, this Bosch looked like a decent bet too: Bosch Logixx 8 WAS28461GB Factoring in rebates, there's about £80 difference, but it only has a 4-year guarantee. Also: it's not in stock, so we could be without a machine longer. I wondered if you/anyone might have any thoughts on the relative merits/build/reliability of the two brands (I understand the link between the companies), please? Many thanks for your help! Adam