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  1. Hi, good morning I am very happy to report that everything went well. After a few discussions the plumber understood what I wanted and attached the two water supply hoses to the cold water source. A miracle happened - all programmes are working now. Without your article it would not have been possible to really get the maschine going. With my best wishes Brigitta
  2. Thank you so much for your help. I studied the article. Thank you once again for doing this wonderful work and providing all this information. I also read carefully your article about smelly washingmachines and learned a lot. Best regards Brigitta
  3. Hi everybody, I recently moved into a new apartment and I am desperately looking for a solution to this problem: There is a LG GL5314TAD washer/dryer combo, working at 220 V. It has two water supply hoses and one drain hose. At the moment, only one supply hose is attached to the water supply faucet (the cold water supply hose), the drain hose is fitted to the drain. The warm water supply hose just hangs loose and dry. I am living in Iran and they told me that everything was ok! Unfortunately nothing is ok. It is not possible to run the programmes that need 40, 60, 95 grades C as well as the Eco programm. The programmes for silk, wool, delicates, rinse and spin and drain, however work. I am confused and concerned. Unfortunately there was no user's instruction manual to be found. I have been looking desperately for one in the internet but to no avail. Another question: does the washer/dryer have a built in heating element? Is it compulsory to attach both water supply hoses in order to be able to operate all programmes of the washer/dryer? And if so, would it be possible to attach both hoses to a bifurcated Y-shaped attachment, because I have only one water supply source (cold water faucet) in the laundry room. I am thankful for whatever answer or advice I can get.