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  1. Miele Spares

    Many thanks for the information, I phoned the Miele spares line and found their service excellent. The young lady seemed somewhat surprised that I needed the following spares:- New soap dispenser drawer, door filters for the tumble dryer and a new heat exchange unit when both machines are still, by Miele's standards, nearly new. I can only recommend that when having a spring cleaning moment and one decides to thoroughly clean most removable parts, that they do not leave them in the garden to dry out when there is a 4 month old puppy roaming around. It has been a very expensive lesson to learn from. With regard to Miele machines, I can not fault their quietness, efficiency and reliability. I would not buy any alternative brand. I know this forum is for washing machines but I would like to mention that I only parted with my Miele dishwasher last month when I had a new kitchen fitted and I of course purchased another Miele. By the way, the last one was 22 years old and still working.
  2. Miele Spares

    Where on earth can one buy spare parts for both a W863 washing machine and a T495C tumble dryer? I need a new soap dispensing drawer for the washing machine and a condenser for the tumble dryer. My machines are both 5 years old. Neither requires the need for an engineer.