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  1. Thanks for your advice. I thought I'd give it a shot. Lo and behold - my toil was rewarded with some 'clothy' gunk and a pound coin! I didn't venture too far in, so this little bundle was found right under the ping-pong ball thingy in the sump hose. It's just completed a rinse & spin and a full wash - without stopping. And only the clothes are wet... Cheers.
  2. Hi - We have a Hotpoint WD440 which expels water from its dispenser drawer, usually during the rinse stages. It starts trying to spin (or 'balance') when it's still full of water, forcing it back up to the drawer. On other occasions it just stops, with water in the drum, and won't continue until switched off and back on. This seems to happen when it wants to empty. It doesn't always occur, and the pump does get the water out. (Not quickly enough, perhaps ?) These symptoms don't always accompany each other - it varies. The pipework and drain it empties into aren't blocked, and its hose looks OK. There are no flashing or extinguished lights when it stalls. Should I be pulling the box out to inspect the filter and pump? TIA.