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  1. Would a blown capacitor cause the problem?? looks like one has gone on the board!
  2. I tried replacing the air pressure sensor 'without luck' and have examined the tube and can't find any leaks. I originally thought it was the pressure sensor and ordered the replacement part, when this one turned up, it looked as though it had previously been tried ''and maybe sent back??'' as the screw hole had the wear markings on it. When the washing machine fills and starts to go through the cycle, the water stops as it should then there is a pause and the water starts to come in again but the front lcd display goes off! you then have to switch the machine off and back on again for it to come alive... would this be the pressure sensor? Would it still be the pressure sensor if the display goes off completely after the machine starts to fill with water when it shouldn't?? You have to switch the machine off and back on again to select another programme or feature.
  3. Thank you for your reply.. I have tested the Thermostat and it isn't that, someone suggested it may have been that and the machine was overfilling / letting water in to cool what it thought was an overheating machine. I don't think it's the solenoids as they are opening and closing ok, something seems to open them but not resend a signal to close untill the machine has been switched off for a short period. I can only presume it is the programmer at fault now as there is little left to test which hasn't already been! And I can't seem to find a programmer for this machine anywhere?? Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I have a Daewoo DWD-F1251s washing machine and I'm a bit stumped as to what's wrong with it! The washer starts it's cycle as normal by selecting programme and then filling with water, however, when it get's to the normal filling capacity the water stops as normal then there is a pause and the water starts coming in again but this time fills the machine so it floods out.. I then have to switch it off and back on 'sometimes it still keeps filling' and then put it into drain mode, even then the washer continues to fill so has to be turned off at the tap. I have tried replacing the water pressure sensor with a new one but this didn't resolve anything.. My next move is to remove the Thermistor but I really wanted to avoid this as it's a full on job to strip the whole machine ''unless anyone knows of a better way''?? Is it possible that I may have missed something out? I don't think it's the water solenoids as they seem to be opening and shutting fine. The washer is practically brand new.. no muck/dirt in the drain everything is gleaming! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.