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  1. Hi, I've got a Zanussi washer/dryer and all was well until mid wash yesterday it suddenly stopped working, I opened the door to find water still inside and it was powerless, the lcd display on the front is off and i can't start any cycle e.t.c. A local repairman had a look today and he said the control board is getting power and it looks like one of the two control boards is gone, he said he can get the part (smaller front board) but it could turn out to be the mail board and he'd be unable to take it back. Sounds a tad dodgy but he is reputable. Either way I've rang around and the small board is around £50 and the main £150 then there's the call out and labour, would it just be advisable to get a new washer/dryer? If i got it fixed is that likely to be the end of it? I've shelled out £60 recently when it suddenly leaked, pretty sure he said it was the sump? Heard Bosch are good and i've seen a samsung that seems to get good reviews but i'm unsure if it's worth splashing the cash and if so do i get a cheap hotpoint or are others definitely better? I didn't think this Zanussi was cheap.. Paid about £400 for it and it's crap, outside of warranty but no by long. Any advice welcome, Ad.