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  1. Hi all Got an aquarius washing machine which was working fine, then suddenly the motor just stopped turning the drum. Water in works fine, water out works fine, it goes through the entire cycle as if it's working but the drum doesn't turn. Checked the belt and that's fine, motor and drum turn with the normal level of resistance, so back cover removed to expose motor and I find the connector plug has one wire hanging off, as I'm trying to find out where it came from, another wire falls off. Some sign of overheating on the plug so I'm assuming this problem has just been waiting for me to have loads to do before showing itself. Anyone know the wiring connections ? Seems a pretty poor way of doing the job but I suppose push fit wiring has its uses. Competent with electrics so no problem there, just need a wiring diagram or description to say where the connections should be. Thanks all, and fingers crossed Dave