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  1. Samsung WF1804WPN Washing Machine 3E error

    Hello. The 1st video shows a motor that has a slot on one of its mountings so that the drive belt tension can be adjusted. Most motors these days are fixed and cannot be adjusted for tension. They are designed to be vert tight and if they become slack and worn the belt needs replacing. The 1st type with the slot allows for the tension on the drive belt to be adjusted and tightened as the belt wears. If your motor is mounted on fixed mounts with no slot available I would fit it properly and tighten all the bolts up 1st. If by any chance it has a slot so that belt tension can be adjusted I would tighten all the motor bolts just gently hand tight so that the motor will still fairly easily move up and down on the slot but not be too loose. If the drive belt is coming off it is usually caused by the motor and the drum pulley being out of line. If the motor isn't out of line make sure the drum pulley isn't loose. Read my article here - Belt Keeps Coming Off Washing Machine The drive belt in the picture from your last comment looks extremely slack btw. It needs to be tight - details in my article.
  2. Whirlpool FSCR 10432

    It's not an error code as far as I'm aware. The only thing I could think of at the moment is to make sure that none of the buttons on the control panel are sticking. This can happen especially if anything ever got spilled above it, or even in some kitchens you can get a buildup of dirt and grime from cooking or frying that can cause delicate control panel buttons to stick.
  3. non return valves??

    Hello Andy. Yes it may well be worth checking that. If it is related to this then of course it won't stop water backing backup into the water supply, it would just mean it less detectable if it isn't being contaminated. A permanent solution would still need to be getting a tap fitted that has anti-siphoning valve.
  4. Washing machine water level gauge

    Hello Simon. Sorry but I don't understand your request. Do you mean the pressure switch by any chance? If so you have to fit the one made for any particular machine. If you wanted to use it for a different purpose I doubt anyone failed to help you regarding the water height. Pressure systems are set up to let in a certain amount of water but the calculations are all set up according to the size of the drum, the size of the pressure chamber, the size of the pressure chamber tubing etc.
  5. Regarding the hose from the soap dispenser to the tub getting blocked I would have to say that there is no other real explanation other than it's a bad design. It must be too thin, and or maybe have a bend in it? It may be that the design of the hose is okay as long as you have a nice high water pressure. Do you have low water pressure to the drawer? If the water pressure was adequate it should surely flush everything easily down into the drum.
  6. Bosch WFT2800

    There is one valve that should only produce a trickle of water, although the restriction in pressure is often achieved at the point where its hose connects to the plastic condenser chamber. It’s possible there is a strong flow restricted in the valve. This is the water supply for the drier section. It should be easy to work out which solenoid supplies the drier’s condenser chamber. Any other solenoids should supply full water pressure to the soap dispenser. One usually supplies the fabric softener as described in my previous reply. If by any chance there are two more they must be for the main fill and rinses and a pre-wash valve. It’s possible that the valve is faulty inside or bunged up with something. It may need the whole solenoid assembly replacing. If you swapped over the wires and the last rinse still takes in water that seems to confirm it’s not a problem with power being sent to the valve.
  7. Bosch WFT2800

    That’s good that you didn’t spend a fortune on a pcb Most washing machines have a double cold water valve. One side is for the main wash and rinses and the other is for the fabric softener. As the fabric softener’s solenoid is only activated once per cycle and the other multiple times sometimes the main solenoid fails. If wires are long enough you could try swapping the wires over to see if the rinse water comes in. Alternatively test the solenoids with at least one wire disconnected with a continuity test meter. They should all have the same resistance. It’s very high resistance though.
  8. Bosch WFT2800

    Hi John. It’s too late now but never change a pcb on an appliance unless you know it’s faulty. At least 90 % of faults that people think are the pcb are something else. The fabric softener should normally go into the machine on the last rinse. Otherwise subsequent rinses will rinse it out. If water only goes in on the last rinse could that be the fabric softener valve working ok and the normal rinse valve isn’t working?
  9. indersit wd12

    You can always attempt it but how much are you prepared to spend on it? Getting an engineer in is likely to cost £100 or more depending on what parts it needs. If you want to see if it’s anything you can fix yourself you need to take off the lid and back panel and try to work out where the noise is coming from. I have an article on trying to fix a noisy washing machine which should help to try and find the cause if you carefully go through it. If the noise is coming from the drum it’s definitely not worth fixing at that age.
  10. Miele washer

    Ahh. You said Hot Water Fault by mistake. Heating fault may be referring to it not heating the water. If the washing machine is only 7 years old it should be worth having repaired as long as it’s not ridiculously expensive.
  11. indersit wd12

    Wow that sounds poorly. At 15 years old I would definitely look to replace it. 15 years is way more than average.
  12. Miele washer

    Hello Eamon. Is the error code "hot water fault" described in the instruction manual at all? It sounds quite vague. It's definitely, "hot water fault and not "water fault"? I've not heard of this error. Also is it a hot and cold fill washing machine? I presume so from the description of the error code but most washing machines have been cold fill only for a long time now.
  13. Beko washing machine

    Hello. It's very difficult to diagnose noises without being able to hear them. Screeching noises are not that common. One possibility is if the belt is loose and slipping. Another one is the bearings in the motor although that is quite rare. Another screeching noise, possibly the most common is from the water pump. If it is the water pump then the screeching noise should be happening even when the drum stops rotating because the water pump runs continuously on spin. If the noise is definitely only present when the drum is turning and stops when it pauses at the beginning of the spin cycle then I would be suspecting the first two options. At the end of the day diagnosing and noisy washing machine is all about carefully observing the machine when it is making the noise and locating where it is coming from. If by any chance the screeching noise is happening during the wash cycle and not the spin cycle which is what I have assumed there is sometimes a second pump called a recirculation pump. This pump recycles water back into the drum. It is possible for this pump to make loud noises to. However, the noises would be present during wash.
  14. Hello Mark. Here's the article Washing machine leaks from drawer - it's reachable through the main Repairs menu then "DIY Repairs" and the "Leaking" page. Powdered detergent is definitely better than tablets. Once detergent has been flushed from the dispenser drawer though it shouldn't get blocked anywhere. If it is I would speculate it's a poor design. Another possibility is if maybe the suspension is worn and the drum is twisting it could be twisting the hose and restricting its size. As a last resort you could also consider using liquid detergent - https://www.ariel.co.uk/en-gb/how-to-wash/how-to-dose/how-to-use-and-dose-ariel-liquid-detergent However, it's not ideal because I'm not a fan of liquid detergent (Which is the best type of washing machine detergent?)
  15. Hello Sam. It is normal for a fair amount of carbon dust to accumulate inside the motor. It can cause electrical shorting if it gets too bad because all of the dust of course is made up from the carbon in the brushes and is a good conductor of electricity. The picture you show doesn't look too bad. Just clean it up as best as you can. If you have one of those cans of air duster used for cleaning out computers it might do a good job. However do not breathe in the carbon dust. Otherwise use a nice long clean paintbrush or similar. A proper engineer would put an insulation test meter on the main motor casing and touch each connection and the motor plug to ensure there is no insulation leak.