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  1. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch - Weird sound and smoke.

    Thanks for the update. The sound of the drum catching on the door seal tends to diminish quite a lot once you have water and soap suds inside although it would probably return during the spin. Please let us know you get on.
  2. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    in-wash temperature sensor reading

    Hello Tony. I presume you don't have the instruction book? If not you might go to download it from here Appliance instruction books and user manuals If you do have the instruction book and it just doesn't mention it then I'm not aware of how to activate such a feature and if it is only for engineers it's unlikely to operate during proper and full wash cycles if it is just a diagnostic tool.
  3. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Twisted metal strap in drum

    Thanks for the updates. Well that doesn't remotely look like a sensor. It just looks like a long metal strip. Surely a sensor needs electrical connections. I also cannot imagine how a sensor that should be fitted to the outside of the drum could get inside the drum. Even if it was fitted on top of the drum on a washer-dryer close to the heating element, if it somehow fell into the machine it would fall into the gap between the inner drum and outer drum and I cannot imagine I could possibly get inside the drum. Very weird. Any further details or photos would be very useful and interesting thanks.
  4. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Which is best overall washing machine 2019

    Hello there. I would be fairly confident in advising that a Miele washing machine would easily match those requirements. Having said that, filling up with water and pumping out the water should be pretty much the same across all washing machines. The noise caused by water going into the washing machine is dictated mostly by the amount of air and water pressure in your plumbing. And all washing machine manufacturers tend to use pumps that are essentially identical in the way that they work. To be honest they are mostly quite quiet on wash cycle these days if they do not have any carbon brushes fitted. These brushless motors are becoming far more common. The only way to be sure if the motor has carbon brushes fitted or not is to spin the drum round by hand, which you might be able to do if there is a demonstration model in a store that has had the transit packaging removed. If it makes a clicky, whiny, ratchety sound then the motor has carbon brushes. If the drum hardly makes a sound at all when you spin it by hand then it will have brushless motor. Such a motor will be almost silent on wash and rinses and slightly quieter on spin. It's possible some manufacturers might list brushless motor in their technical specifications so you might be to find out online too. If you are serious about wanting to research buying a washing machine then the best place to research for the best new washing machine recommendations is my affiliate Which? Who plough a lot of money into testing them all of the time Why subscribe to Which?
  5. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch door removal

    Thanks for the update.
  6. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Indesit washing machine

    Hello Tina. Unfortunately your description is confusing. There are too many symptoms. It is very unusual for a washing machine drum not to turn as well as the pump not draining the water out. They are usually two totally separate faults. If that is the case something very unusual has happened. If the motor works and the belt is okay then the drum must turn. The only other thing that could stop the drum turning as if the drum is seized up. But that would be extremely easy to detect. Can you turn the drum by hand? If you can then I don't understand how you can say that the motor works and the belt all okay because if the drum isn't turning and the motor is working it can only be caused by about being off or the drum being seized up.
  7. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch WAQ284SOGB

    Hello. It's unlikely that transporting a washing machine without transit bolts in place would cause any damage unless it was an extremely rough ride. If a washing machine is on a tiled floor it is very common for them to move about on spin when there is a load inside. Without seeing it I couldn't advise if it is excessive or not. Obviously if the outer drum thumps the side of the casing then that is not normal. If it is okay once it gets up to speed that tends to imply there isn't a fault. The amount of movement of the drum and washing machine varies depending on the load, a good full-sized load is often more stable than a smaller load. Especially if the smaller load has one or two heavy items in.
  8. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch door removal

    You would need to disconnect the washing machine from the mains. Then remove the front clamp band holding the door seal in place if fitted and then peel away the door seal from the door frame on the casing. This will allow you to put your hand behind whilst unscrewing the screws. You will be able to tell if there is anything to drop down or not. Or you will be able to hold onto it if there is.
  9. Have you a photo of it? Could it be a breather pipe to let steam out or air in?
  10. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch - Weird sound and smoke.

    I'd disconnect from the mains and have a look inside with the back off and lid off first to check if the suspension and drum seems OK. Also, if the bearings had collapsed causing the door seal to catch I'd expect the washing machine to have been very noisy for some time before. they don't just collapse for no reason.
  11. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch Maxx Classic

    No Vicki, the hot tap is nothing to do with the heater. The heating element will always be used even if you have a hot water tap. If a washing machine doesn't trip on spin, or on rinses (double check this) - but it trips when it is on a wash cycle then the first thing that needs checking is the heating element. Unfortunately it can only be checked with an installation test meter which costs hundreds of pounds. So you would have to get proper engineering to check that. The only thing you could possibly do yourselves is to take off the back panel, disconnect the washing machine from the mains and just have a good look round in case you are lucky enough to find something like a wire that has come off and is shorting out. This is unlikely but if necessary you could give it a try.
  12. It's extremely unlikely that you could get 2 different washing machines with exactly the same very rare and unusual fault. I would not use the 30 minute wash. 30 minutes is nowhere near long enough to wash rinse and spin laundry properly. Are you using the correct amount of detergent? I would try making sure that you put laundry on the specific wash cycle that is advised on each items wash label. And use good quality detergent making sure that you use the exact amount that is recommended on the detergent packet. Bearing in mind what level of water hardness you have and the level of soiling. The detergent is important for cushioning the laundry during the wash with soap suds. If you are not using enough detergent maybe the laundry is being subjected to more rubbing action during the wash.
  13. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch Maxx Classic

    This is a very difficult fault to troubleshoot without an insulation test meter. If it only fuses or trips when washing though number 1 suspect is the heating element Washing Machine Tripping or Fusing Electrics
  14. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Miele Novotronic W980 WPS Washing Machine

    The filter at the bottom is for the pump. If blocked it will stop the washing machine from emptying the water. If it's not filling that's the fill hose, tap and water valve to check at the other end.
  15. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch - Weird sound and smoke.

    It depends on if the drum bearings have gone or not. If the drum has come loose or can be moved up and down it would account for it catching on the door seal. But if the door seal has just become slightly twisted and dislodged then the fault may just need the door seal replacing or refitting. Also check the suspension to make sure the drum isn't twisted and is held centrally inside the cabinet. If one of the suspension legs has become damaged and the drum has twisted that might also account for the door seal catching.