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  1. Hello Andy. I don't see how it could be the pressure system if the washing machine is filling on spin. The pressure system is only involved when the washing machine wants to fill up with water. Then it dictates the amount of water that goes into the machine. On the spin cycle the pressure system only monitors and notifies when all of water has gone. If a fault occurs they are then the washing machine won't spin because it thinks it is still full of water. This is completely opposite to the fault you have got. If the water stops going in when the washing machine is turned off then that rules out a faulty water valve. If it starts to fill with water as soon as the washing machine is powered up but before a cycle is started it would seem to imply that the water valve in question has got a live and neutral supply when it shouldn't have. I know the earth faults and low installation faults can cause some strange behaviour. If the water valve only started taking water once a cycle has been selected and started then it seems like for some reason the valve is being switched on when it shouldn't. This isn't the kind of fault that is likely to be easy to solve. I would recommend getting an engineer.
  2. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Twisted metal strap in drum

    I can’t imagine how anything from inside a dryer could get into the drum. The only entrance into it is where the hot air is blown into the drum. If the filter is damaged btw. Get it replaced ASAP as fluff can build up on the element and the whole thing can catch fire.
  3. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Hotpoint Wmpf 742 not spinning out

    Hi. If the drum turns OK but the washing machine just won't do the spin try this article Washing machine not spinning
  4. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    NEFF 6544

    The main PCBs on washing machines are usually at the base of the washing machine. It is unusual for one to cause fusing though. There are lots of other possibilities too. Washing Machine Tripping or Fusing Electrics
  5. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Twisted metal strap in drum

    Both found inside Hotpoint tumble dryers?
  6. Yes it looks like the right part. It also seems ludicrously expensive. It's not in stock which is why they quote up to 10 days. I would be tempted to thoroughly clean it up and dry it out then refit it with some silicone sealant.
  7. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Hoover filter

    Lots of spare parts for that model number come up on my 4Washerhelp Spares site - Spare parts list for Hoover DXA68W3/1-80
  8. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Is a loose front seal clip a problem?

    If it's the thin clamp band around the front lip of the door seal its function is to keep the seal securely fitted to the door rim. The spring has probably become stretched when the engineer took it off. Without it the door seal flange can peel off. If this happens the door won't close properly, or you could get leaks. It's not likely to come off during a wash, but it could cause inconvenience and could regularly start to peel away. I would contact them and ask them to send you a new one. or alternatively if they won't send one ask them to come and fit one.
  9. I can’t see any detail from the photo which is from too far away. Normally, a metal flange on the thermistor (or stat) is pushed into a thin groove at the top of the seal. But if it doesn’t have one and you can’t see any alt method it might just be a push fit although it should be tight.
  10. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Strange Smell from AEG 6955 Washing Machine

    Yes it could burn out and fill kitchen with smoke, or flash and short out electrics or worse. If the windings are overheating and causing the insulation on the armature or field coil to melt and produce that horrible smell you should not use it at all.
  11. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Strange Smell from AEG 6955 Washing Machine

    In all honesty, I would not fit a new motor on a 22 year old washing machine. Realistically, the chances of lasting much longer are slim. It wouldn't be so bad if it only cost about £50 but it could be hundreds of pounds for a new motor. I wouldn't even be surprised if it was totally obsolete too. In fact I would be surprised if you could buy one even if you wanted to.
  12. Hello there. That looks like a thermistor. I would probably change the seal that it pushes into. Try to find it here 4Washerhelp spares
  13. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Strange Smell from AEG 6955 Washing Machine

    Hello there. 22 years is almost a world record these days. It sounds like it could be the armature windings on the motor. Is it a very pungent and persistent smell? It sounds like the lacquer on the windings of the motor somewhere. It sounds like it's had its day to be honest. Don't keep trying to run it as it is likely to completely burn out.
  14. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Leak from rear of drum of Bosch Exxcel

    If it was that seal you would get water coming out of 2 small holds in the back of the outer drum under the drum pulley wheel where the belt fits around. That seal protects the drum bearings from water. If it fails the drum bearings would normally be flooded with water and become very noisy. You can’t buy that seal for many modern washing machines as they only supply complete outer drums with a new inner drum bearings and seals already fitted (which is a disgrace) Buying a part because it might be that is crazy to me it’s like saying you have a pain in your abdomen and someone saying it might be your appendix so arranging to have it taken out. You have to identify exactly where the leak is coming from visually before doing anything else. If you mean the outer drum is stainless steel then the separate parts could be available, but they can still leak, especially if a metal object has got into the machine. So don’t rule out a small hole or crack or leak from a welded seam.
  15. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Twisted metal strap in drum

    I wish I could be more help. There's something about it that seems very vaguely familiar, but I just can't put my finger on it.