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  1. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch WKD28350 keeps tripping out

    Hello Gez. A washing machine wouldn't normally need resetting. Once a fault has been properly fixed the washing machine should carry on working as normal. If you Removed the bra wire but it is still tripping the electrics then the fault has not been fixed. If it is no longer tripping the electrics but it is not working properly then there is still a fault. Sometimes if the washing machine blows a fuse or the electrics other parts can be damaged. Or alternatively once the fuse is blown the part that caused it has failed completely. It may no longer trip the electrics but it will also cause a different fault on the washing machine. For full advice on this problem read my article here Washing machine blowing fuses or tripping the electrics
  2. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    ISE 10 wm25.3 1606w Motor not working

    I don't know if this will work or not but try the following procedure to see if it produces an error code - Turn off the machine at the on off switch. Then turn it back on whilst pressing and holding the start/pause/cancel button. The start LED should start to blink within three seconds. If so, you should see an error code displayed using the ready, wash, spin LEDs. A combination of these three LEDs should light up. This definitely works for ISE washing machines but not necessarily all of them. If it does then I might be able to work out which error code it is giving by reporting which LEDs have lit up.
  3. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Small Holes In Clothes After Wash

    Hello Penelope. There is no resolution as such. Holes can be caused by many different things. Some holes are blamed on the washing machine but it isn't the washing machine causing them. It seems from studying this issue over many years that there is no single cause. However, you should try to spend time reading my article on the subject and the comments after as this will give an idea of the total public knowledge about the problem of holes in clothes so far. Also, if you haven't already, read all of the contributions to this topic that you have commented on. There may be closed within all of these articles and comments that might potentially help Holes in clothes after washing
  4. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Indesit IWDC6125 not washing.

    Hello there. This fault could be caused by many different things. It ideally wants troubleshooting by an engineer with access to test meters etc. Commonly this fault can be caused by a faulty door lock, but it could also be caused if the door lock is okay but a connection or mechanical problem on the door catch prevents it being operated properly. On Indesit washing machines they can also go completely dead but with some lights working if the motor goes open circuit. That is most commonly caused by worn carbon brushes. But of course it could be various other things. I have an article here which is quite comprehensive but ultimately I cannot produce a complete guide to how to fix a washing machine so it just gives general advice which may be helpful in deciding how serious something is or helpful to someone who already has experience at repairing things Washing Machine Won’t Start
  5. Hello there. Unfortunately technical information for the Samsung brand is not easily available. I only have a few error codes for them, and none of them are for 8E. It does seem very unusual for the error to only occur right at the end. Have you got the instruction manual for it? (User manuals for white goods appliances). Sometimes error codes are mentioned in the instruction manual. They never give technical information, but some error codes are designed for customers to act on, so it is worth double checking. Examples of this are error codes that tell the user that the laundry wasn't able to be balanced so didn't do a spin, or that the pump filter needs cleaning, or that the water supply has been cut off. You should at least discount any of these possibilities before assuming it is anything more serious.
  6. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    BEKO WMB 61022M not starting

    Hello Gary. I have a full article on this subject here Washing Machine Won’t Start. This is not good to be checking voltage inside the washing machine though. Testing for power getting through should be done with a continuity test meter which is totally safe. On some washing machines and open circuit motor of faulty carbon brushes in the motor can cause the whole washing machine to go dead. But usually this is a fault that can have many different causes I'm afraid.
  7. Wow. The odds of you finding that are very remote. It's ridiculous that any connector would fit in the wrong place on a pcb. Bad design. Well done for not giving up.
  8. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    BEKO WDX8543130W no lights on

    Did he appear to check the washing machine thoroughly? Or did he just say that without delving much inside? It just sounds a bit vague saying it could be one of 3 pcbs. If it is a pcb I'd suspect the main board but a completely dead washing machine can have many causes and needs checking properly with a test meter Washing Machine Won’t Start
  9. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Miele W3444 knocking during spin

    I presume there was nothing inside the drum? It's strange that the drum all of a sudden started swaying about. I would suspect drum bearings or a motor problem. The first thing to do is take off the drive belt and try the motor on its own. And spin the drum by hand to work out if the issue is with the drum or the motor. I also have lots of help and tips for diagnosing when Washing Machine is Noisy
  10. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Hoover DXA 49W3

    Apart from trying some WD-40 in the catch there’s nothing else I can recommend. If the door won’t close with the machine unplugged then it sounds like a physical problem with the door lock.
  11. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Hoover DXA 49W3

    Is the door seal fitted properly all around the rim of the door? If not it can prevent the door from closing properly. Also check the door catch on the door for broken spring or catch.
  12. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    indesit IWDC6125 - mistaken purchase?

    You shouldn’t have to halve it again if it’s already a small load, but just carefully read and understand the instructions and weight recommendations for each type of fabric. Double check the instructions on how to clean the pump filter. If you know you are doing it right but it won’t come out that’s unusual but you would need to get them out under the guarantee to fix it.
  13. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    indesit IWDC6125 - mistaken purchase?

    Hello. I have some articles that might help. If it's a long time since you bought a new washing machine you might not be aware that all modern washing machines take ages to wash. I explain the reasons here Why does washing machine take so long to wash? So it's unlikely yours takes significantly longer than most others. I don't know if you are familiar with washer dryers or not, but are you trying to dry a full load? Washer dryers are very poor compared to a proper dryer, and basically better than nothing if you don't have space for a separate dryer. You can only dry usually half a load. Washer-dryer or separate washing machine and dryer – which is the best? You should be able to wash more than one load consecutively but it's best not to do more than 2. But if washing and drying maybe allow an hour or so to cool down before doing a second load. Also, not turning off the machine whilst it is drying is the same for all tumble dryers and washer dryers Don’t stop a tumble dryer mid-cycle
  14. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Beko wdx8543130w

    One possible explanation might be the heating element isn't working. Washing machine not heating up water
  15. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Miele W3444 Service Mode

    Hello, a knocking noise is often a loose drum weight but could be various things. My article more causes of a noisy washing machine covers knocking noises.