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  1. It may have a fault. But make sure it isn't just that it couldn't balance the load properly Washing machine won’t spin just one item or very small load
  2. Hello Tanya. It might not be difficult to put the buttons back in place. It would need the washing machine disconnecting from the mains electricity and the lid taken off. But it could just be that the control panel needs re-seating with the buttons in place. If the control panel is broken though that may be more difficult to sort. Having said that, you can't assume that your washing machine tripping the electrics is definitely something to do with this issue. As you said yourself, everything worked fine for a while. Of course it is possible something is related but it is also possible that the washing machine tripping the electrics is a new and totally separate fault. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do because this fault needs a specialist insulation test meter to diagnose properly as described in my article here Washing Machine Tripping or Fusing Electrics So the only thing that you could try is to unplug the machine, take off the lid and very carefully have a look at the printed circuit board at the back of the control panel where the buttons are. If it looks simple to put everything back in place fair enough, but if not you really need to get an engineer in.
  3. I would definitely run the cycle once a month. Also make sure you don't overload the drum when drying, remembering that washer dryers can wash a lot more than they can tumble dry. If overloaded I reckon it will create a lot more steam circulating which will soak the fan blades and help fluff to stick to them.
  4. Hello. I have an article on Whitegoodshelp about this too much foam inside washing machine
  5. It's normal for a washing machine drum to vibrate quite a bit. It will vary depending on the loading, but as long as it isn't swinging about so much it's hitting the sides it should be OK. There is a specific washing machine sealant. I always used to use Debor (washing machine sealant) but sealing a washing machine hose with sealant that has "give" in it is OK.
  6. Hello Adela. What problem do you have when trying to upload? Any error messages? You should be able to upload mp3 or wav
  7. Hello DVD. Have you tried checking on www.4washerhelp spares? It will depend entirely on the model. Some washing machines have removable front panels, some have a full cabinet where the front is part of the main shell.
  8. I would think it very unlikely that you would ever need to replace the drum springs that hold the drum central from the top. The suspension dampers yes, but not if it's those really strong big springs at the top. When you say the drum moves more than you'd expect, that doesn't sound too serious? Is the washing machine itself moving about or just the drum inside?
  9. Hello Henk. Do you mean that water continues to rush in, or does just relatively small amounts of water seep in? Does this article help - Washing machine fills with water when off
  10. Hello Dean. I presume it's not leaking onto the floor? If so it must be siphoning - Washing machine fills and drains at same time
  11. Hello Libby. This is a modern day problem. Who'd have thought washing machines would need connecting to wi fi? The only thing I can suggest though is the instruction manual. Do you not have one, or is the washer not complying with your efforts to follow the instructions in the manual? If you don't have the instruction manual you should be able to download one from here Washing machine instruction books and user manuals
  12. Hello jane. I have an article here about that Washing machine is a hot and cold fill, but I only have a cold water supply
  13. Thanks for offers of help. It would be nice to have any photos on here though so they may help others as well.
  14. I don't think it can be removed Rachael unless it's very light infection. Read my article for more What causes black mould on washing machines?
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