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  1. Sounds like one of those badged brands that don't actually make their own appliances. It can be a nightmare trying to get information or spares on them. Is it definitely Svan (not Swan?) There's nothing about Svan on Google but there is a Svan section on 4washerhelp spares with a few parts. I doubt you'll find any screws though. I would expect all screws (apart from on drum pulleys) to be standard right hand thread but obviously the thickness of them vary.
  2. If when the water drains out you can hear the drain pump (not circulation pump) running that's one fault. It can be caused (as the article I linked to described) by a faulty sensor thinking it's overheating or actual overheating. However it should drain and fill at the same time or drain a bit, fill a bit, drain a bit, fill a bit etc trying to cool the "boiling water" down. If water drains out and the drain pump is not running it must be siphoning. Having said all that, if it fills with water, then tries to turn the drum and can't, and then pumps out all the water in one go and stops that's a different issue altogether. If that happens the machine has detected a fault and aborted the cycle. It should normally indicate some error code. If it doesn't directly display error codes they usually use option lights or flashing lights.
  3. Many thanks for taking the trouble to join up to pass that on.
  4. If the tub is damaged it's not possible for me to make a judgement call on fixing it. What I can say is if it's load bearing or subject to a lot of stresses I don't know anything capable of fixing it successfully. If it's something that once glued and everything is reassembled it shouldn't be under much stress you could try an epoxy resin. Plastic is extremely difficult to repair in any situation where it will be subject to stress and strain.
  5. Please let us know how it goes. It will be useful for advising other people in the future.
  6. Filling and draining at the same time is commonly caused by siphoning down the drain hose as described in my article here - Washing machine fills and drains at same time This condition is often caused by someone moving the machine out to clean behind or repair it so yes it's definitely a prime suspect. Other causes are also mentioned in the article.
  7. Hello Nikki. Yes that does look a fair bit eliptical. If it isn't catching on the door seal it's difficult to know if the manufacturer would accept it as a fault or not though. The problem with it being eliptical like that is the potential for vibration on spin as the drum rim is out of true, and potential for things to get trapped in the gap that opens and closes as the drum revolves. Few drums are perfectly round at the rim and I've seen a lot out of true like that. Try putting it on spin with no laundry inside. Does it vibrate much on top speed? If it does you could try complaining. You could also try sending a link to the video to the manufacturer to see if they accept if it is normal or not.
  8. Hi. When you say "motor" I'm assuming you mean the pump? I'm confused because you say pump at first but then motor. If the pump is only receiving a very reduced power you'd need to trace the live supply back to the pcb to make sure there isn't a connection fault or even partially severed wire but after that there's not much you can do except get an engineer in.
  9. 15 washes a week is pretty tough going. I can't see any other brand coping with that.
  10. Hello. The damage is caused by the screws being loose for quite some time and during spin they shake so much that they keep wearing down the plastic until it gives way. If the tub itself is damaged that's a different matter but if it's just the part is it this one? LG F1403RD Outlet Duct The other part is here LG F1403RD Duct Outlet - Dryer
  11. A 10 year old Miele washing machine - especially one with relatively light use - should only be half way through its life expectancy. However, spare parts, and repairs can be extremely expensive. So it's a dilemma. Unfortunately the cost of repair is a vital part of the decision equation so without it you can't make an informed choice. If the main PC has gone on a 10 year old Miele washing machine I wouldn't be surprised if it cost nearly £500 to replace using a Miele engineer or dealer. Those kind of prices bring into question how economically viable it is to repair one. The motor needs checking for low insulation with an insulation test meter. I wouldn't recommend speculatively replacing any expensive part - especially a PCB.
  12. This is the manual I used http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/model/WF1114XBD/XEU . The symbol is likely to be used on all of their ecobubble machines. This manual may not be the same as yours but it may help if you only have a non English one.
  13. I've managed to solve it by downloading an ecobubble instruction manual in English from here Washing machine instruction books and user manuals and trawling through the manual I found the following - The ECO Drum Clean Auto Alarm Function • If the “ECO Drum Clean” indicator on the display and the lamp on the Cycle Selector are lit after a wash, it indicates that tub (drum) cleaning is required. In this case, remove the laundry from the washing machine, turn the power on, and clean the drum by performing the ECO Drum Clean course. • If you do not perform the ECO Drum Clean course, the “ECO Drum Clean” indicator on the display and the lamp on the Cycle Selector are turned off. However, the “ECO Drum Clean” indicator on the display and the lamp on the Cycle Selector are turned on again after two washes are performed. However, this will not result in a problem with the washing machine. • Although generally, the ECO Drum Clean Auto Alarm appears once a month or so, the frequency may differ depending on the number of times the washing machine is used. • In case of the alarm, please also clean the debris fi lter (refer to “Cleaning the debris filter” section on page 34). Otherwise the performance of the bubble function may lower down
  14. Hello. Not sure, but it looks like it could be a little filter icon? I would first check the pump filter for blockages, and check that the filter is securely fixed in place. It might not be that, but worth a try.
  15. Thanks for the update Peter. I wouldn't recommend anyone trying the test rig though unless they really understand what's going on or your motor is exactly the same as the one featured. Good video.