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  1. It’s hard to tell from the photos but everything should normally be sealed. The only thing loose is the tub on the suspension springs.
  2. Also try just entering the first part of the model number. That one looks too long. Or double check the model number on the rating sticker usually behind the door.
  3. Try www.4washerhelp.co.uk and if it’s not there send in a parts request. If they can’t get one no one can.
  4. Inlet solenoid

    Theoretically you can replace one of the solenoids unless they’ve been designed specifically to prevent that. The solenoids however have not been made available by manufacturers that I know of. They just want to supply full water valves. A long time ago I used to save Hoover solenoids which came off easily and fit them as required but it’s highly unlikely you would be able to source one.
  5. Inlet solenoid

    How old is this washing machine Ian? I checked on 4Washerhelp spares and yes quite a few spare parts are listed as obsolete for this model Bosch WI54430GB Meanwhile if you haven't already, read my article about possible causes for the laundry coming out hot and steamy from a washer dryer - I wouldn't get too involved down the replacement solenoid route unless you can be sure that's what it is. I don't know of any alternative.
  6. Holes in my T-Shirts

    Yes bleach is one of the possible causes. If so you would expect it to be on the front of T-shirts or clothing worn by a person who has been using bleach, and not on random laundry.
  7. Water not pumping away all the time

    Since Indesit and Hotpoint are now made by the same manufacturer they share some error codes on some models. If you have a good read about the error code F05 you should get an idea what the problem might be. You'll see that it is possible for there to be a problem with the pressure system and not necessarily a problem with pumping out the water.
  8. Indesit iwc6125

    Hello Alan. The basics of troubleshooting a washing machine that will not start are in my article here - Washing machine won't start. There are many possible causes some of which can be quite complicated so I would only recommend trying the basic things which are all laid out in the article.
  9. 3 Washing Machines Not Draining

    A pump usually just has 2 screws fixing it to the chassis and 2 hoses connecting to it. It’s just a question of how easy or hard it is to access, which varies from brand to brand and model to model.
  10. Which washing detergent?

    To check properly you can’t assume there is a healthy water supply even if the tap is fully open. There could be a fault in the plumbing like the tap is faulty inside and not actually opening fully. Disconnect the fill hose from the washing machine and point it into the sink or a bucket. Then turn the tap on fully and see if the water pressure is good enough.
  11. LG washing machine , power but nothing else

    Can you link to the video?
  12. LG washing machine , power but nothing else

    A metallic clanging sound could be the shaft of the motor scraping on the back panel and a badly designed washing machine with not enough clearance. Overloading the machine can cause that to happen to, as well as one suspension. A worn or misaligned belt can't cause metallic sound. They are made of rubber, they can squeak or creak normally.
  13. What is this?

    Hello. I don't recognise it. And also there's no way of judging scale without something at the side of it. The first thing I would do is look very carefully over the whole of the washing machine (with it disconnected of course) to see if there is another one somewhere else on the machine that would explain its purpose. Also what type of machine is it? Doesn't look like a part from a front loading washing machine.
  14. 3 Washing Machines Not Draining

    Yes that would be quite a coincidence if all three washing machines develop separate faults giving the same symptoms. It's not impossible but the most likely explanation is as you have said, the water cannot drain out fast enough at your plumbing. There are two places where partial blockages can cause problems. If the washing machine is connected under the sink to a U bend then small blockages can cause problems inside the U bend. Take off the drain hose and check carefully at the point where the water from the washing machine pumps into the plastic spout. If the washing machine drain hose just pushes into standpipe like they always used to be then blockages can occur anywhere in the angled sections of the plumbing. Especially the 90° bends. However, if you have a partial blockage in this type of plumbing then water tends to backup and pour out of the standpipe where they drain hose is pushed in. If you aren't getting this then maybe something else. I presume you have checked the pump filters on all of these machines?
  15. Which washing detergent?

    Thanks for the update. To be perfectly honest if it was installed by people working for the retailer there's no guarantee that it was properly levelled up. Maybe if these guys work directly for Currys they will have done it properly but I've heard countless tales of people playing a retailer for installation and receiving very poor service. I even remember calling out to a few where they hadn't even taken out the transit packaging. A lot of retailers just use third-party companies and they don't pay them much. Many of the people installing and connecting up these appliances are just delivery men. Make sure you have good water pressure.