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  1. It could be many different faults. Try draining out the water manually then try it on spin to see what it does with no water in.
  2. Hello Richard. If the impeller has come off it's a bad sign. They usually push-fit on. They don't normally come off but if hit by a coin or something it can happen. They can't be bought as a spare part so chances are a new pump is required.
  3. Thanks Richard
  4. It's not too common but you can get main pcb failing.Another possibility could be a fault on the mains suppressor or capacitor but again it's not something I would advise looking at. Let us know if you get an engineer out what it is.
  5. It's strange because for much of the time the drum is spinning and it sounds perfectly OK, the pump keeps kicking in and out and is very noisy. Then again the drum appears occasionally to judder as if struggling to turn but then at other times perfectly free. If drum bearings have gone normally the drum has a deep rumble on it all the time it is turning and if you spin the drum by hand hard it should sound noisy. If the drum bearings have failed - it should have a 10 year guarantee no?
  6. That's weird those soundcloud links just go to my own music (Snowdune) but no matter as I've seen your page now after you liked some of my tunes (thanks) According to the manual for that model there is a rinse and spin cycle and a spin only cycle. I'm still not sure if your washing machine is draining the water out ok or just reporting that it isn't with the error code. If it's the latter there's possibly a more tricky fault or according to the W3164 Edition 111 manual there could be a "water safety system" activation which could mean it's detected a leak in the base. These links might be helpful but only if the washing machine isn't draining out the water properly. If it is but just giving the error and you can see the water has pumped out OK then clearly there's nothing blocked unless it's the pressure system which would need the machine stripping down to get to- Washing Machine Pump Filter Can’t Find a Blockage But Washing Machine Still Not Draining
  7. Sorry this didn't get a reply, it was on a non-repair forum and has been moved here now. It's a bit late now but yes I agree it's a design fault in my opinion. I've seen the Indesit fill hoses bang repeatedly on the drum whilst spinning causing a lot of noise and of course wear.
  8. Possibly there are contacts stuck inside the dryer timer. When the dryer comes on how long does it stay on for? You could test for this with no laundry in the drum. Alternatively, is the control know somehow out of line so that when it is turned off it's not actually off. If that was the case you should let it run until it turns off itself and check that the timer knob is pointing to an off position.
  9. washing machine

    Good question. I would think it would probably need to be nearer £2000 though. Miele already sell washing machines at £1000 and above with 10 year warranties and presumably they just manage to get by and don't sell many compared with standard manufacturers. I would pay £1000 for a washing machine with a 15 year guarantee. I would guess most people wouldn't though..?
  10. Cheers. Send me a link to your music too. The drain/Spin cycle is just after 6 O'Clock on the dial. If it's producing an error F11 the most common cause is a blocked pump filter. However, if it fills up OK with water then if the pump filter (or anywhere else) is blocked then it won't drain out the water. Is it pumping the water away OK?
  11. Yes it does Pebble. There's also a drain only option.
  12. Sticking on the last minute seems to affect a lot of different makes and can be tricky to diagnose. Heating element going open circuit, pressure system faults or blockages or even loading issues are some potential causes. Best get an engineer in really.
  13. You know more about electronics than me as engineers aren't taught anything about these boards - only taught to diagnose and replace the whole board. There are some components that can change current flow or resistance when current is applied to them? Anyway like I said it's a dark art to us
  14. The water pump sounds very noisy It sounds like it's pumping water out even long after the water should have gone. Where is the water coming from - it isn't siphoning back up the drain hose from the bath is it? Check the pump filter and pump for obstructions first.
  15. Good advice thanks Andy. Check this out too Steve How to get rid of washing machine smells