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    Many thanks Andy - was hoping it would be a simple fix but looks like not the case! Thanks for your advice and taking the time to reply.
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    Great stuff Iain- many thanks for responding! I'll give that a go tomorrow! Steve Q
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    The fan is the circular grey object visible at the rear right hand side of the machine once you take the lid off, the hot air ducting leads to it. You'll need a T20 torx bit I think to remove the screws which hold the top cover of the fan, you won't be able to get the fan cover off fully but that doesn't matter, you only need to lift it enough to provide access to the fan blades. I just use a set of tweezers to pull the lint out from between the blades.
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    The problem continued so suspecting a faulty sensor I decided to order a replacement Temperature Limiter from Partsmaster for £33.29. I fitted this but after a couple of days the same problem reoccurred. It happened again today, so while I had the lid off for the umpteenth time to reset the limiter I decided to bite the bullet and dismantle all of the hot air extraction ducting and extraction fan housing. There were a few bits of fluff in the ducting itself but the extraction fan was another story, the gaps between all of the fan blades were clogged solid with fluff/lint, it is no wonder the sensor was tripping due to overheating as the fan will have been barely drawing any air in this state. After about an hours work with a pair of tweezers I had cleaned the fan out and had collected the dish full of fluff in the photo. I expect the drying performance of the machine to improve dramatically after this clean out, and presumably the temperature limiter trip problem should now be sorted.
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