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  1. Cheers Andy, Response from Miele below. Seems strange that this is not clearly explained on their website, and that they have so many different versions of the same machine at the same price! Thanks
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  2. Hello. The noise sounds like either carbon brushes or the raised segment. To be perfectly honest if an amateur has a raised segment this means it is loose and I would not keep using it. The motor could burn out at any time. Take the brushes out and see if they are damaged. A raised segment will usually damage carbon brushes too. With the brushes out place your finger on the commutator and slowly turn it round. If one segment is definitely raised each revolution then the motor is shocked and it needs replacing. Back in the day we used to just replace the armature which was extremely easy these
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  3. Just wanted to close the loop on this: took me a while to get parts (LG 5220FR2075L & 5220FR2006H) and arrange for repair help, but replacing the two water inlet control valves above did solve the problem. The leak was on the cold side, but it made sense once all the trouble had been gone through to unstack the dryer and open up the washer to replace both valves. Thanks.
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  4. Disassembly had to wait to the weekend and it wasn’t until the drum was removed did the issue make itself clear. Corroded Spider. Attached photo for reference. I’m still slightly puzzled that it wasn’t more obvious before taking it all apart but never mind! New parts ordered. Thanks for all the advice. Great forum.
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