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    does this look like your existing brush? http://www.4washerhelp.co.uk/indesit/widxl146/carbon-brush/catalogue.pl?path=495970:599890,52691:495982&model_ref=10789130&refine=carbon%20brush
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    I had this exact same problem with the same model of washing machine, and after seeing this post yesterday, I decided to investigate. This machine has a drain pump and a circulation pump which sit either side of the pump housing, but the pumps are identical. The machine only made a grinding noise during wash, not draining, so I was pretty sure it was the circulation side that was the issue. After removing it and testing it, it worked flawlessly, but it was pretty clear that the black pipe running to the top of the rubber seal on the drum was blocked (I couldn't blow through it). We live in a very hard water area, and the pipe is quite narrow and was blocked with scale. After squeezing it to break the scale up, and blowing as much as possible out, it became clear, and after reassembling it, no more grinding!
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    Hi yes, I just replaced the pump & housing
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    Hi, We have a Miele Edition 111 W5877 washing machine, that for the most part has been very good. Spin is almost silent. It is nearly 3 years old and is just out of their 2 year warranty, typically. They want £170 to just come out and have a look! Recently it has started causing our white sheets to have some grey marks on when they come out of the machine. They are like thin grey lines in creases, almost like something has left a residue. Maybe oil from the machine somewhere? Can the sheets get behind any seals anywhere perhaps? It only happens with our sheets, we've never noticed it with a normal clothes wash. We have used the Miele maintenance wash powder on a very hot cycle recently, and given the whole insides a good scrub down, to try and clear any problems, but still getting them. We are using powder straight in the drawer so it isn't residue from the plastic gel capsules. Anyone had anything similar, or got any idea what it could be?
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    I have the above mentioned Indesit WB111 1100 which is approx. 6 and a half years old. A couple of days ago the washing was still wet when we emptied the drum. Now the washer starts to fill and then stops, the green wash cycle LED is on constant and nothing happens. I have checked the drain filter and that did have some coins in it which I've cleaned out Please could anyone help before I call an engineer before xmas!! Many Thanks Simon
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    Andy, have an update on the issue as I found the problem after much trial and error. The squeak was being caused by the belt rubbing against the back panel intermittently. This was due to the belt being installed on the motor cog grooves too far rearward which caused it to rub against the back panel. Loosening the belt and reinstalling it forward a few groves (towards front of the machine) solved the problem. But go too far forward and the belt then rubs against the drum, so you have to find the sweetspot. For me it was 3 grooves in from the furtherest rearward groove. Thanks for your help though and hope that helps someone.
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    Hello Neil. Are you sure it is F-15? My Hotpoint error codes list does not show any F-15 error referring to the water pump. The varying models can use different codes, but they either do not use F-15 at all, or the few that do use F-15 only use it to indicate faults on the washer dryer section. If a pump runs okay out of the machine, but doesn't run in the machine then the main suspect would be either the power isn't getting to it, or power is getting to it but there is a fault on the neutral return. Unless by any chance the pump is faulty in the sense that it is running very weak and weight of the water stops it turning. To test for that I would run it again outside of the machine and very carefully apply some pressure to the revolving impeller with a suitable tool. I would expect it is possible to stop it but it should have a bit of go in it not be extremely easily stopped.
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    Yes I saw that Edd, I didn't mean that kind of mistake. It must be a mistake someone deciding to sell them singularly. I've never heard of anybody just replacing one brush. I've never heard of anybody selling just one brush either. It's most bizarre, especially as they also sell them in a pair for £1 less. Therefore it must be a mistake. It's crazy
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    That's a weird listing, I've never heard of anything so daft as selling a single carbon brush it might be a mistake. They list the same brush as a pair for £1 less here - Pair of Indesit carbon brushes £14.99- 4washerhelp
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    Thanks everyone! I've been doing as you suggested and so far nothing ruined Now I'm pretty sure no3 is 60º and no4 is 40º (I only use those) Thanks for the help!
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    Thanks for the replies guy's. I would have replies earlier but I have been on Exercise in the Far East for the last 3 weeks. Right, I'm going to replace the thermister that sits in the water heater and see what happens. The machine was on a 60 degree wash and i couldn't touch the door. I'll let you know how i Get on. Kind regards Sean
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    Hi there, The programs marked in yellow at cottons, the programs marked in green are synthetics and the programs in pink are special programs. 1. Cottons 90 with prewash 2. Cottons 90 3. Cottons 60 4. Cottons 40 5. Rinses 6. Special treatments (this is where the softener is added, but it can also be used to add bleach. Not used much these days) 7. Full Spin 8. Synthetics 60 with prewash 9. Synthetics 60 10. Synthetics 40 11. Rinses 12. Special treatments 13. Short Spin 14. Freshen Up 35, by the looks of it, but can't confirm. Not sure about 15 & 16. They look the same as some of the synethetics cycle, but it doesn't make sense to have 2 cycles exactly the same, so I'll leave those. The first button on the left is for full or half spin (800 being full, 550 being half), then heavy soil, then no spin and finally half load on the end. This machine is a washer-dryer, so it looks like the middle dial is the timer for the dryer function. Not sure how to active the drying cycle, but possibly that's what program 16 does? So, for a standard cottons 40 cycle, you'd want program 4, the temperature dial at 40 and then press start. For a full spin on it's own, you want program 7.
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    Those Dyson drums were enourmous! They were more like the drums found in 9kg LG washers. Look at the Dyson drum and then look at the supposed 7kg drum in a modern Hotpoint - the difference is astounding.
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    Hi, The 850WD is a European machine. It's actually made by Merloni-Servis who also make Diplomat integrated machines. The programming will be very similar, if not the same, and the controls to operate the dryer function should be the same. Perhaps a Diplomat manual would also be relevant? The only example I can find of this machine is Finnish. Looking at the details on the machine, I can decifer the following: valkopesu means "white washing" so: A - Cottons 90 bio(?) + prewash B - Cottons 90 + prewash C - Cottons 90 D - Cottons 60 E - Cottons 40 F- huuhtelut - Rinses G - erikoiskasittely - Special treatment. I imagine this is the conditioner rinse or bleaching stage, if needed H - pitka linkous - Long spin tekokuitu is "man-made fibre" in Finish, so perhaps those are synthetics/minimum iron cycles. Hienopsu means "delicates", so these are the delicates cycles J is cottons 60 express (quick) N is synthetics rinse P is synthetics special treatment Q is short spin When using the cycles, make sure that the temperature dial and the program dial match. For example, cottons 60 should be set to program D with 60 selected on the temp dial. Sorry, but I'm not sure how to operate the dryer. I imagine you just ensure that the program dial is on the dot icon (for off/stop), set the drying timer and turn the machine on.
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    Can you just verify something, that the pump is working? did you bail the water out because the pump wouldn't? or was it to measure it? Does your machine have an eco button? which will usually take in less water.
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    Thanks, Andy, and sorry if I sounded a bit ungrateful before, it's just I've had my share of techs that asked me for lots of money for doing nothing at all, sometimes it was just a simple fix as a busted capacitor that would cost $3 and not $94, and it becomes very frustrating and forces a person to not trust them again. I have emailed the company that you suggested to see if they are able to repair it and will be waiting for their reply. Once again, thanks for your help, Andy!
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    Hello all, firstly chris, when i said beko were frowned upon, i was referring to sales staff in places like (old) comet, currys, hi spek and i did andys advise on the which £1 trial, and there was loads of 'dont buys' in the beko range, and the wm you mention beko wmb91442lw only scored 44% Sales staff also slag indesist, which are crap as my sister has had them, (yes i know they are the same company as hotpoint) but hotpoint are supposed to be their higher end stuff? Also im very aware that quick washes are only a helpful addition to NORMAL washing cycles, and are not 4 proper cleaning. The hotpoint model i went 4 was purely on the strength of the which best buy, 57% recommendation. However if id have known the spec of the beko b4 i got mine i would have conflicted between the two tbh because yours ticks all the boxes. Thanks m
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    Hey, I'm 24 and I remember getting things like the iron, vacuum and the TV repaired. My Mum borrowed my X1.1 when her Panasonic gave up the ghost and she also found it too heavy. She now has a Sebo Felix, which is a tad lighter and a bit more versatile to use, but equally as good. She's perfectly happy with that.
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    Also, drum could be catching on heating element or its bracket if not located properly, which would cause a metallic rattle on spin with laundry inside and could break off bits of plastic from the paddles underneath the drum.
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    having tried a few ideas we have now decided to just dispose of the machine and he is going to buy a second hand machine and this one better work ha ha many thanks for all your ideas and info help cheers guys
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    Thanks for your reply. The machine is built into our cupboards so it's awkward to pull it out. I actually managed to disconnect the hose that leads to the pump although the clamp was in such an awkward position my hands are now covered in cuts and scratches from trying to get a pair of pliers in there. From there I had a great view of the blockage, a mound of lint and 8 hair grips! My wife doesn't use them so that was a nice leaving present from the previous owners. All cleaned out, re-assembled and a wash is now running! I wouldn't have known what to do without this forum, thanks!
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    Thank you again. I've printed out your guide and will go through it with my plumber in the morning. Hopefully this will sort it out. I'll let you know how it turns out. Again, thank you for your help. TH
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    Hi there I just got a brand new Beko WMB81241LW Washing machine from Currys, a pretty good washing machine for the price seems well made (except for the soap drawer feels a little cheap and nasty when pulling out) and has lots of features. The only gripe I have noticed so far is that an awful lot of water seems to collect at the bottom of the grey door rubber gasket after every wash and the instructions tell you to wipe the door gasket after every wash. However in spinning I think i see that the water splashes up from the bootom of the door gasket and all around the door when spinning and doesnt drain away. Are there any tips/modifications anyone can think of how to get the pool of water to drain back into the drum so then can be pumped out? - I see the manufacturers have put 3 small holes in the gasket presumably to aleviate this problem but they may as well have not bothered putting them there because the water still wells up there, I have checked and the holes are clear of any obstructions so the water should be draining and I cannot see why it doesnt. On another note, I remember years ago a hotpoint engineer telling me they remove the ping-pong eco ball from the sump hose when replacing water pump or hose because the cand get stuck and cause no end of problems and i did that with our hotpoint years ago and left it without the eco ball in it and it worked fine - so I have done the same with this Beko and took the eco ball out of the sump, do you reckon that should be OK doing that on this Beko machine? shouldnt cause any problems should it? - if it does I can easily put it back n there again. Thanks for any help or advice or tips on these matters that I have raised. Andy.
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    We had a new kitchen and white goods installed 2 years ago. In the last 3-4 months our washing machine has started to put holes in our laundry, most notably a very expensive set of high quality bedding. Fortunately it is in the underside so doesnt show. hat is not the point though. Initally I thought the fault was mine, either I had overloaded the machine or was using it on the wrong cycle but given that I have not changed the cycle I use for 2 years I cannot see how this can be the cause now. Today one of my husbands shirts has come out with exactly the same holes. We do not have T shirts affected (as most commonly reported on the forum) but definitely the lighter cottton items are being damaged. I will post photographs of the damage in due course and in the meantime intend writing to the manufacturer for their feedback.

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