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  1. Hi all, I had the "black streaks" problem for a long time and had unsuccessfully tried all the tips mentioned above but finally found a solution about a year ago. If you ensure that in the spin cycle, the Rotations Per Minute - RPM - is always below 1100 RPM, then there'll be no more black streaks. It seems the agitation of a really fast spin cycle (in my case, a Miele where 1600 RPM is the standard setting on the cotton cycle) either projects any black gunk onto the clothes from crevices in the machine or propels the clothes into the crevices where the black gunk is. I now choose a cycle that has a lower spin RPM or manually turn down the number of RPM to 1000 or 1100 per minute. It's an extra manoeuvre each time, but it's better than the dreaded black streaks. Obvs you still have to clean rubber rings etc fairly regularly. Hope this helps
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  2. Hi It's finally gone. Really loved the machine but it was only going to get worse. 15 years November, was really surprised it passed 10. It was still working but after your post I decided that it wasn't worth waiting for it to disintegrate further or spending a minimum of £100 call-out charge just for someone to look at it, so I replaced it instead. I purchased another Zanussi, a ZWF825B4PW 8KG "Autosensor" machine, that apparently has no filter to faff around with (trying to clean that in the previous Zanussi was fairly annoying!). Supposedly it'll steam the clothes if done on a 60 degree wash - if it could iron them as well it'd be perfect 😂 Maybe see you in another 10-15 years! Nah, I'll keep on checking back here, as your advice is always useful.
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  3. Problem Solved! After considerable searching, I found a supplier in Germany via a well known auction site. Replacement bearings & oilseal kit cost £23.35 including delivery, arrived in 8 days. Now fitted & that machine runs a sweet as it ever has! I think the only failure to be terminal would be the controller or electronic drive unit. Other mechanical parts are still available.
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  4. Update, seeing as there is nothing worse than never knowing how the story ends: I stripped the machine down again. New seal, greased lightly with what was either high melting point lithium (wheel bearing) grease or something similar to the grease Citroen used to use on CV joints (and which was sealed in using rubber gaitors). The grease I used was not in its original container, so I had to guess what it was by its appearance. After reassembly, I immediately selected a 400 rpm spin cycle (because the last seal's first action was a wash cycle and I thought I should do things differently this time, though I doubt it matters) and then I put the machine back into normal use. No squealing noises. All sounded normal. I've had 9 wash cycles from it now and I think it's safe to say all is well. So I am assuming I either had a bad bearing seal or that the grease was the issue (or both). But now it works normally. Woo hoo!
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