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    Thank you for the link, it was a very informative read!
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    Hi, Many thanks for all your help. I obtained a 2nd hand control board and that has solved the problem!
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    Again thanks for your help. Having a load in the drum does not seem to change things sadly. I have removed the motor and will give it a thorough inspection and if that is unsuccessful I may contact QER. Do they do any special rates for customers referred from your site?
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    Check the drum pulley isn’t slightly loose. Check the condition of the belt too as they can cause funny noises. Take the belt off and spin the drum by hand from the front. Turn it slowly and lift it all the way round its circumference to feel if the drum has more give at any point indicating a possible problem with the drum spider.
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    indeed - and it cannot surely be for eco / saving electricity by turning the pump motor off ? - what does a drain pump consume?, maybe 25w at most if anywhere near that? I personally think they should have left it the old original way with the pump on throughout the spin , because with centrifugal spin anyway its going the 'squeeze' all that water out anyway and it has to drain off at some time anyway so why not keep it on constantly with it spinning away anyway - i dont personally like the way it stops and start and waits until a fair amount has built up in the sump before engaging and pumping out the water.
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    Hello Andy. I just came across this old topic. I'd just like to say that yes you were correct. Many of the Hotpoint washing machines do turn the pump off once they have detected that the water has gone. Historically this has never happened before and I still don't really see the sense of it. It just makes it difficult to test the pump if it only runs when water is inside. The last thing you want to do when investigating a faulty pump is to put water in the drum that might not get pumped out. I suppose an argument is that it saves wear and tear on the pump but I'm struggling to think why the manufacturer would be bothered about that when they make so much money selling replacement pumps. :-)
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    June 2019 I have this E80 code coming up on my Belling Washer Dryer. I have phone Belling and their customer service cannot fine anything about this code. As my machine is still under warranty (1 week over 1yr old, I have a 2yr warranty) they are sending out an engineer. I will re post when I know what the answer is, as there does not seem to be any answers on the web. This may help anyone else, including washing machine engineers. Thanks for this site, I have been here before.
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    Hi Skistones. Many thanks for the update. Yes appliance engineers have never repaired pcbs other than the odd dry joint soldering. There is no technical information for them even for the trade. However, many technical minded electronics experts have repaired their own using equivalent electronic parts. They clearly have experience and knowledge about these things that is never imparted to even the most well trained domestic appliance engineers. There is a company that specialises in repairing washing machine pcbs though, so anyone wanting to attempt that route could try contacting QER electronic repairs.
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    Yes and no. I drained it and cleaned the pump filter as best I could and lo! it worked. But only once. Then same problem started again and cleaning and draining didn't work a second time. Before that I did have an engineer out who tested lots, including testing the door lock thoroughly and it was completely fine. His conclusion was that the pcb wasn't receiving the message that the door was locked, so it refused to start and unlocked again. He tested bits of the pcb but couldn't see which component was the problem. Andy - I was hoping that it might be possible to just buy new relays or components and solder them on, or at least give that a try. It's such a waste of resources to have to ditch a whole machine which is otherwise perfectly fine for the sake of a few circuitry bits. Yet it doesn't make sense either to spend £300 on a circuit board when I can buy a Miele with warranty for £120 more. This site is a great resource - thank you for all your work running it!!
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    I believe Beko have at least two models with this sort of feature

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