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    I've contacted both Arcelik in Turkey who make the dryers for Beko, and Beko themselves. And for good measure I have filled out an online form for UK and Ireland trading standards . it said on their website 'if you think you have come across a safety issue on an appliance fill out this form and we will see if it needs investigating' - so out of that lot , someone should get back to me. i have contacted Beko in the past about a condenser dryer not drying fully and they were terrible after sales service, so I am not expecting too much from them, but maybe Trading Standards might reply about it. its only little static electric shocks I am getting from it when I remove the clothes after they have dried but still..
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    I would definitely contact the manufacture, especially if you are getting small shocks from it. They should be able to tell you if the drum should be earthed or not.
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    Found this on another forum, after I'd tried everything on this one and still had the same beeps driving me insane. Take the top of the washing machine, 2 screws at the back near the top, the lid pops off at angle from there. Look to the front of the machine at the top and see the circuit board, you need to remove this, unscrew the screws holding the aluminium bar that sits at the top front of the machine (this gets in the way otherwise), then unscrew the 3 screws holding the circuit board in place, then (this is fiddly) pop the circuit board out from the plastic clips holding it in - once out, look at the front of it, the round dial where the main twist button of the machine goes in too, needs to be removed from the board, it has several red plastic holders holding it in place, take this dial bit off the board and you'll reveal what looks like a small bit of copper with 3 or 4 prongs on it. That needs cleaning, it often has grease/oil on it, wipe it clean (gently) and dry it, then put it all back together, ensuring the dial bit goes back on the exact way you took it off, it has a flat bit within the hole that needs to match up with the flat bit of the dial (it should make sense when you see it). I did this and thankfully it worked a treat, no more beeps at all. Apparently the guy that posted this online is an engineer and says this clears that fault 9 times out of 10. If it doesn't, you have a faulty board and that isn't a cheap fix. good luck
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    Unless things have changed, all the brown goods manufacturers seem to make average quality washing machines no better or worse than the rest but they seem to focus their efforts on innovation and novelty as they do with brown goods. So to me their top models are just average quality with expensive features, and because they are all at the other side of the world they have to rely on third party networks for after sales in the UK, which is far from ideal. They rock in brown goods though. No idea why they bother with white goods.
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