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    Hi Andy. For me washing machines are just too functional and unreliable, and don't last long enough to justify spending obscene amounts on one
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    does indeed look like the moisture sensor bar , at the bottom of the drum , inside the drum itself - imaging that tearing off like that. Pretty bad. All i can think is that a bit of clothing catches on the metal strip sensor and then must 'pull' it out of the sensor bar housing cover . pretty poor design in that respect . I have just bought a new BEKO vented tumble dryer with sensor drying and I have noticed on these new ones they have removed the moisture bars totally from inside the drum altogether and have now put a sensor for detecting the moisture right underneath the lint/fluff filter now. Harder to get to, to clean, but no change of it getting ripped off and caught up in your washing though!
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    Hello Andy. Sorry I didn't pay much attention to this as it's tumble dryers and it's only supposed to be washing machine forums. I have thought about opening it up to other appliances but I like the fact that it specialises in washing machines and it's enough work for me just dealing with washing machines :-) some tumble dryers have different settings for different types of dryness. Our tumble dryer for example allows you to set options for cupboard dry or extra dry for example. If anything I would expect a vented dryer to be a bit more efficient. Also there is a problem when mixing different fabrics that can confuse dryers. So for example if most of the fabrics in the drum become dry but there's just one or two different fabrics that haven't tried yet the dryer can end up sensing that its job is done and stop drying. Many modern tumble dryers detect dryness via a brush that trails on the drum.
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