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    Just wanted to say that I also had the same problem... for the second time in a year. The first time I had no idea where to start, called a local engineer, he couldn't fix it as he didn't have spares. Then ended up spending £175 on a year's extended plan, and the Beko engineer came and replaced the board. When it failed again this year I thought of replacing the board myself. Came across this discussion...bob12241 You're an absolute star! From £175, the cost of the repair this time went down to £1.75 for a new diode! Thank you!
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    For reference, the post with my problem and eventual solution is here: https://www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/forums/forum/public-support-forums/help-and-support/washing-machine-help-forum/857052-ise-10-w256w-asko-wm70-1-won-t-turn-on

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