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    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but my own Serie 6 washer dryer stopped drying a couple of weeks ago and google brought me here. So, turns out the impeller was SERIOUSLY blocked and needed some TLC - the machine being only 2 years old. Rather than waste my time, I decided on some “user in-service modification” by removing an offending bit of metal from the back panel to enable the drier motor assembly to be removed fully (see attached pics). I achieved this with a trusty Dremel and cutting disk along the black pen line in the pic. Takes about 30mins to do, carefully. Make sure you pack around the area with tin foil to catch the sparks. Fan was completely clogged, as was some sort of sensor thingy just below it in the well. Helpful tip: when digging the fluff out the gaps, use a small flat-headed screwdriver, insert it between the blades from the outside, starting at the top and scrape down to the bottom, or vice versa. This picks all the fluff off the blade in one go. Don’t dig the fluff out at random as plenty sticks to the blades and is a PITA to tackle. And thus ends the tale of overcoming Bosch bad design - all for the cost of a new Dremel cutting wheel.
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    I’ve been very careful with the loading, making sure that the 5kg drying limit (8kg wash) isn’t exceeded and with the drum clean run monthly as per the instructions. Either way it’s now a lot easier to remove the fan assembly now that I’ve cut that ridiculous obstruction off. Whipping the fan out is now a simple 10 minute affair and a worthwhile modification. Will revisit the fan in 6 months or so and post an update on the condition.
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    I've had the same issue for a while and ive just discovered if I lightly press anywhere on the front panel (around screen and buttons) it causes a the beep to occur. At least i can now demonstrate this to the engineer. I assume it is a circuit board problem.
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    For reference, the post is here: https://www.ukwhitegoods.co.uk/forums/forum/public-support-forums/help-and-support/washing-machine-help-forum/91443-ise-w288-eco-no-power
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