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    Hi Andy, Update: I ordered 2 new brushes and when I got home tonight and when I opened up and looked in the machine I realised they are very similar but the incorrect part. I did however notice that out of the 2 brushes only one of them were connecting with the armature. I removed the one that was not touching and the carbon popped out futher which then allowed me to reseat and have both brushes now touching the armature. I can a wash with a few shirts in an it run perfect. I then ran with more of a half load and it run for 30 mins untill it came to a stop after struggling to turn the drum on one occasion. However, when I paused the machine and then pressed again to unpause - the machine turned over and carried on and completed the cycle. I ran again with low load and it completed with no issues. I ran for a 4th cycle half full and this time it stopped on 3 occasions over the 52mins, each time starting again fine after I paused and then unpaused the cycle. Thoughts? I am still going to get the correct bushes and fit BTW.

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