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  1. >>Ha ha that's a bit unfair I couldn't have been more balanced<< :o) - sorry, for a minute there I could imagine the kind of excuses my Miele 'engineer' might come out with - am sure that if Miele took you on as a 'change management consultant' you could whip them into shape in 3 months, Andy! (Interestingly, I looked at the GlassDoor employee comment site, and it sounds like the company might be in a bit of an upheaval at the moment strategy-wise, lots of outsourcing mentioned at the German end.) >>Have you seen that the tubing from the fan right up to the heating element chamber have accumulated debris? I would have guessed that it would only accumulate in the metal heating element chamber.<< I daren't take the top off the darn thing at the moment, in case the engineers shrieks "Guarantee violation! Guarantee violation!" at me. However one really doughty owner has posted the following, which suggest that the issue is as you say i.e. with the fan box and the element, but not necessarily with the endless tubing connecting the two (he is talking about the wt945 model, but I assume the WT2780 might have the same arrangement): https://www.fixya.com/support/t15664744-no_heat_when_drying https://www.fixya.com/support/r4177912-miele_wt945_dryer_problems_stage_stage https://www.fixya.com/support/r4177920-miele_wt945_dryer_problems_stage_1_fix https://www.fixya.com/support/r4177928-miele_wt945_dryer_problems_stage_2_fix https://www.fixya.com/support/r4177934-miele_wt945_dryer_problems_stage_3_4_fix This is the key info, relating to the difficult-to-reach fan box at the bottom of the machine: "The next stage is to attempt a cleanout of the fan box itself. Fortunately you can get to some of what is needed without dismounting the whole box (if you want to bite the bullet on this straight away, go to Stage 3). Dismount the heater by undoing the two large bolts at the front holding it to the drum, and two Torx bolts at the rear. Although the heater is still attached to the flexible rubber outlet at the front, it will swing up and off to one side just enough to reveal an upward-facing hole at the rear – this is the air outlet from the fan box. Peer down into this hole and you will be astonished at the buildup of mummified fluff and goo – it’s similar to papier mache. Draw up a comfortable chair, fix up a desk lamp to shine down the hole, and start unpicking the goo with a fine metal hook (a dentist-style hooked probe is ideal – Maplin do a good set). First clean out the hole, then probe deeper to clean out each fan blade. It’s fiddly and quite a long reach down the hole, but by no means impossible. Turn the motor manually to move on to the next blade, and every so often vacuum out the hole with a small nozzle to remove the pile of dislodged goo. Unfortunately the goo is too adherent to come out with the vacuum alone, without unpicking first." Again, this all points to a major design flaw IMHO. When I finally get the Miele visit, I shall make sure to be hovering with phone cam. Quite happy to go to Small Claims Court if they decide to get a*sey about honouring the guarantee - seems they always back down when faced with SCC. Scratching my head about why all this gunge somehow goes back up the door vent, into the element box on the top of the machine, and then down into the fan box - if it is due to powder-rich condensation from the drum during a wash, then the bottom line is that they need to fit some sort of automatic flap over that particular orifice. Would not expect Bosch, AEG etc. to necessarily spend the cash to do it, but for that £1000 premium I handed Miele, yes I would indeed expect it. p.s. amazed at how many people mention the near impossibility of getting hold of Miele manuals - bit late now we are exiting the EU, but I would have thought that would be open to a complaint regarding restriction of competition?
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