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John Lewis give 2 year guarantee on white goods appliances



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  1. Hi Andy, and thanks for continuing to keep this site going - very handy Let me see if I can find the research I did on this on my PC.... [10 minutes later] sorry can't find the actual review which mentioned this. However I do remember the details - the customer had the same issue as me (Miele FF conked at 2.5 years) and a decent Miele repair guy had said that they estimated about 1-2% of the FFs came out of the (Liebeherr?) factory with this as a potential inherent defect (something to do with the gas and tubing) and that the main way to recognise a faulty unit was the type of noise coming from the rear. Personally I always leave 24 hours before switching on any fridge unit after moving, so not due to that! Apologies, I might have been too vague in saying that a 'cracking' noise was a definite indicator - as you say, even the replacement model I was given (and which has worked fine for 7.5 years) makes a cracking sound now and then. Looking back, the noise from the first, faulty model was much louder and sort-of-different. I think the review I noticed was actually left on the Which? website - interestingly Which? took the unilateral decision to stop allowing people to comment on Product Review pages, probably because so many (coherent) reviews were posted contradicting their glowing reviews (including Which? members who pay almost a £10 a month for their sub). Which? had reviewed lots of Miele FFs and given them Best Buy status a few years back - then all of a sudden they seemed to stop reviewing the brand range, which seemed odd. At the moment there are only 1-2 listed. As much as, like you, I love my Miele for its washing performance and solid feel, if you haven't gone over and looked at the Miele Great Britain pages on Trustpilot, worth doing - in between the usual unrealistic ranters there is quite a fascinating thread of customer experiences! (For balance, have to say my fairly basic Miele dishwasher has worked faultlessly for almost 10 years, as has my 15 year old Miele vacuum with powered head). Wonder if Miele allow customer visits to their washing machine factories these days? Always enjoyable to see how things are made.
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  2. Hi, I just had to reply to your post - I have had the same problem but managed to resolve it...I very recently bought a used 3 yr old Miele washer dryer and was so excited - it was delivered and I ran the service wash - 95 degrees - to clean out the machine. Result - the bottom of the drum had lots of grit and sand in it - tried it again - same result. I have since discovered that the grit is simply hard water deposits which probably shook loose when the machine was moved, when the high temperature and descaler had done their job and by the high spin I used to 'clear out the pipes' so to speak. I used the 'rinse out fluff' programme nearly 40 times and each time there was grit - sometimes less and sometimes more - eventually the grit had all been cleared from the machine. I occasionally get a smidgeon of grit when I run the rinse out fluff cycle now but only occasionally and very little appears. The previous owners must have had extremely hard water as evidenced by the completely gummed up fabric softener dispenser. I lived in rented accommodation for years and so had many types of washing machine and the Miele was far superior to anything else - I had a Miele dishwasher which was 36 years old and still going strong. When they go wrong the repairs are ridiculously expensive and I agree that Miele support is not what it once was. In the meantime though - they are marvellous and wash beautifully - no other brand comes near it in my experience. One thing to be aware of though - if you book a service visit online then in the contract you are agreeing to accept either a Miele engineer - the genuine article - or a local repair service authorised by Miele - thus I will book a service by phone and ensure I am getting the genuine article - I once had a local repair man, authorised by Miele, who had never seen inside a washer dryer let alone done a course on how to repair one!!! Hope this has been of some help and your enjoyment of your machine has not been too spoiled.
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