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    Hi thanks for reply I put a non conductive spacer in interlock to force contacts together, I did not link terminals on loom The triacs on the board obviously blew when the door interlock failed (major arcing in armature housing) My wife thought slamming door would fix it
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    Just signed up to thank gus for his post, had same issue and before reading this I had bypassed the interlock with no joy, interlock obviously shorted and took out the triacs on board purchased new of eBay for 2.38 gbp and soldered to board and fixed machine Attached picture of which one blew
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    Control board is at the bottom-back - you access it by taking off the back panel. It also has a small ‘piggy-back’ board clipped onto it called ‘dryer unit’ Ive just sent my board to QER to see if there is anything they can fix, although there are a lot of small chips and surface mount components, so I’m not super hopeful, but worth a try. A new board from Bosch is £150 will update once I get feedback from QER
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    hello, Thank you so much for sharing this helpful information, it helped me alot Thanks and regards.:)
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