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  1. Hi I have resolved the issue. My husband took the front off the machine (easy and didn't have to take it out of the kitchen or take sides off) he took the front off and the filter that you unscrew out had a hole at the bottom of the tube that was blocked, so much so I hadn't even noticed it. he cleaned this with a cloth and detergent. He also found a small amount of water, almost moisture really at the bottom on the metal plate of the machine. he cleaned out the blocked hole, wiped away the water/moisture and then put it all back together again. Switched it on and the display said "Cottons!" so thank goodness it works now and I haven't had to call out an engineer. This shows the problem could be just a simple one, the sensor at the bottom of the machine detects moisture or a leak so as there was a small amount of water, that set the sensor off. It now works fine. Just thought you might appreciate my sharing the experience. Nicola
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  2. I had this exact same problem with the same model of washing machine, and after seeing this post yesterday, I decided to investigate. This machine has a drain pump and a circulation pump which sit either side of the pump housing, but the pumps are identical. The machine only made a grinding noise during wash, not draining, so I was pretty sure it was the circulation side that was the issue. After removing it and testing it, it worked flawlessly, but it was pretty clear that the black pipe running to the top of the rubber seal on the drum was blocked (I couldn't blow through it). We live in a very hard water area, and the pipe is quite narrow and was blocked with scale. After squeezing it to break the scale up, and blowing as much as possible out, it became clear, and after reassembling it, no more grinding!
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  3. What might be useful is if you give some idea of the time it takes to fill as far as it does. For example, once the water starts to flow into my machine, it gets to a quarter of the way up the door in 1 minute 15 seconds. Draining all that water takes 30 seconds.
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