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    Hi Andy, Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. I must congratulate you on a great site. I hadn't come across it before. all the best to you, & other readers.
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    Many thanks Gael, for taking the time to write. I have never owned a Zanussi, though I did use a friends when I stayed with her. I now see that its owned by Electrolux, so in some pretty good company. I'll certainly have a look at the brand. thanks again for your advice Gael ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As per my first question, there is already a list of brands & owners on this site. This helps a lot if you are brand or owner conscious. For example, Candy/Hoover also own Kelvinator & Zerowatt (great sounding names eh ?!) though why the good old Hoover got involved with Candy is beyond me. At least I now know a couple of brands that I will avoid at all costs -(please don't ask - too long & exhaustive). Hopefully; With the kind permission of the owner, I copy it here for other readers: CANDY: Candy Hoover Kelvinator Zerowatt ELECTROLUX: AEG Electrolux John Lewis brand Tricity Bendix Zanussi MERLONI: Ariston Cannon Creda English Electric GDA Hotpoint Indesit Merloni New World Philco Thorn
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