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  1. With regard to detergent and towels, this was told to me when I bought my Miele by the engineer chappie that fitted it:- When doing towels, especially the heavy luxury ones always use HALF the amount of detergent that you would normally use. After all the point of the towel is to dry you down and now matter how well you shower there will always be some shower gel left on you which the towel absorbs. Also note that most machines recommend you reduce the load. Also note that a small load of towels will 'foam' up rather easier than a full load of mixed fabrics. Obviously never ever use fabri
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  2. Thank you for your reply, I can not think of anything that has changed, only the fact that it happened when i got the new mieli, the previous machine / machines did not have the suds problem. I do not know were to go from here except the water board, a plumber or bring the w. machine in the house. I am wondering if it could be one of the pipes blocked or maybe the pipes are to narrow ? or even the electrics, of course i have no idea i am just grasping at straws. i will now go onto your rinsing blog. thank you, you provide a fantastic service and i am sure others with problems would like to kn
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