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  2. It's hard to judge on recordings because usually the auto level controls on recording devices make noises sound louder than they actually are. It doesn't sound too bad to be honest, it might take some weeks to quieten down. It doesn't sound "faulty" as such.
  3. Sorry for late reply. My notifications have been hit and miss. I've never tried to remove one. Make sure the drum is being loaded properly before suspecting the sensor.
  4. Thanks for you help andy, my previous one which was returned was exactly the same. How long do you think i should give it to bed in before calling beko again to come out? Ive probably used it about 7 times from new. From listening it sounds like the noise is coming from the top of the machine around the liquid drawer area at the front. Thank you for your help James
  5. That sounds pretty noisy. It’s the carbon brushes in the motor. Try putting it on full spin cycle several times and maybe a 40 degree wash cycle to see if they bed in and quieten down, which hopefully might happen.
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  7. Hello, im hoping someone can help me. I have recently purchased a new beko washing machine, after a week of use i thought it was faulty and after an engineer visit it was replaced by currys. My new (replacement) washer is now making an awful noise on every cycle. I have attached a video for you to see. Im sure this cannot be the noise it is meant to make? Can anyone please help me thanks F0F37D25-0438-40A5-82E8-31A3BAEEAD86.MOV
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks for your reply Andy I did find out that one of tree cables for the balance sensor on the vakkum side was broken. I tryed to fix it, but the contact is not easy to spare. Do you know if i can disconnect/remove the sensor? Frank H.
  10. Normally if a washing machine spins ok without washing in but not with washing in the problem may be related to out of balanced loads Not spinning some loads Other possibilities are carbon brushes (which is t applicable for you), a slack drive belt or a fault on the PCB.
  11. The model nr. is WAS28362SN I figure out that this has no brushes. And the machine are level. Frank
  12. Hi, I have a Bosch Logixx 8 washing machine that washes as normal, but when it is centrifuged it stops and the rinse lamp flashes. If I try without clothes it spins as normal. I have cleaned what can be cleaned. Taken a reset. Can it be the brushes? Best regards Frank H.
  13. Hi, this is my first post on this site and I hope that someone will be able to help me solve a problem on a Zanussi washing machine. I have read loads of messages from others on this site and cannot find anything that is similar. My father-in-law, who owns the washing machine and has said it has been working very well up to the other day, said he loaded the machine, pressed the on/off button, the 'End' LED immediately started flashing green continuously and nothing happened when he pressed the start button. I have managed, by pressing different buttons (?), to get the LEDs (green) on the control panel to light up individually and to cycle round lighting up one after the other, and note that the 'Filter' LED lights up red, rather than green. So I have checked the drain pump chamber and the and the inlet supply water filter for blockages to no avail. Can anyone please offer any advice as to what could be the reason for this and what I can do to get the machine working correctly again. Thanks ABL
  14. On washing machine PCBs there is usually some black sooty areas which are very often taken for burning but are often just where muck and dust has accumulated around a hot area such as a big resistor. So be aware of that. Also, washing machine engineers generally know very little about faults on pcbs as we are never expected to repair them. They have always been parts that are replaced for any fault and diagnosed by process of elimination. If you get the bottom of it please update us. Also, a possible option might be to get in touch with QER repairs who specialise in appliance pcbs.
  15. It is very strange, the encoder has a 240V feed and the circuit board around it looks slightly discoloured so it is possible it is the encoder but I think it only acts as switch so it seems unlikely, as you say without diagnostics i won't be able to tell what the issue is. Thanks for your help
  16. Unfortunately you need an insulation test meter to work out what’s causing it to trip. As you say when the dial is just turned you wouldn’t expect it to supply power to any parts until it’s actually started but it’s possible some switching is done on the neutral side and if a part is down-to-earth (or low insulation) it will trip as soon as power gets to it even if it’s not actually operating. If it was the mains filter you’d expect it to trip as soon as power is applied and washer is switched on. But if it worked ok for 2 days that’s strange. An engineer would put the insulation test meter on it to trace exactly what part of any is leaking to earth which is the main cause of tripping. Without being able to do that you are unable to rule out any of the several parts that could be causing it https://www.whitegoodshelp.co.uk/washing-machine-fusing-electrics/
  17. It is all electronic, it has two circuit boards, one power board with mini transformers and a program board with a digital encoder on it. It doesn't matter which way i turn it it trips immediately.
  18. I thought you meant that but just wanted to make sure. Is it a manual timer or does it operate an electronic display? If manual can you select the required wash cycle with washer turned off and then switch it on to see if the washer works ok? I’m wondering if it’s sparking internally when turned and that’s tripping sensitive RCD. If it’s the latter it’s hard to imagine what would be causing it. You would need to put a special insulation test meter on the machine and turn the dial to see if anything shorts to earth.
  19. Hi Andy, Sorry I should have been clearer, it is when i manually turn the programmer, as soon as i turn it in either direction it trips.
  20. Hi. Do you mean when you manually turn the dial by hand or when it moves on during a wash cycle?
  21. Thanks for the update. Hopefully that’s it. I was going to mention a poor connection somewhere but it made nonsense that a poor connection would always hang on until one wash before causing trouble.
  22. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. It did the usual this morning, worked once then failed, I was ready to order a new machine but thought to give it a last chance. On checking the brushes I noticed 2 things, firstly the connector to one of them was a bit loose and secondly that the motor made an unusual noise when it turned in one direction. Removing the brushes, one of them had split, seems that the brush is made of 2 pieces of carbon stuck together. Fitted new brushes and crimped the connector a bit. Went through all the connectors, re-seated and checked for any trapped wires etc. Everything else looked good. Just started second load ok. Odd that this code is not mentioned anywhere so I was just going by symptoms. Fingers crossed it was the brush.
  23. I have a bosch Vario Perfect waq284d0gb, it has been working perfectly for about four years but has now started tripping the mains RCD. It doesn't trip as soon as it is plugged in but when the programmer is moved it trips immediately. At first I thought it was the mains filter so i replaced that. It worked perfectly for two days but now it is back to tripping the mains RCD again. The wiring looks in really good condition, no signs of water ingress, leaks or corrosion. I have tried plugging it into a different socket (& RCD) but i still have the same issue. I am thinking that it could be the encoder or a short on one of the boards. I am assuming that the water valve/pump, heater element and motor won't have power until the program is started? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  24. Hello. No my Zanussi error codes don't list E30 either. Your description of the fault got me thinking of blockage in the pressure chamber but if it isn't that, it's hard to think of anything that would only happen after a successful wash cycle other than something overheating in the pcb but that's a long shot. If you leave it a few hours after a wash cycle has finished, does everything work ok then?
  25. Hello. If whites are going grey in the old washer and new washing machine it has to be something you are doing - or not doing. Carefully check my article here Whites coming out of washing machine looking grey but if you mean you are getting actual greyish spots try this article Grease marks on clothes after washing
  26. Hello. If the washing machine has been received damaged then the return period shouldn't come into it. You wouldn't be returning it as such but complaining that it was received damage and asking for it to be fixed. You could potentially insist on them replacing it though. It looks like the back panel had had some pressure applied to it somehow. It could have happened during transit although they are usually well protected. I would take off the back panel and check everything looks ok inside then try to straighten it out and refit it. The chances are it just wants straightening out and it will fit back fine. In current position it ma potentially rattle on spin a bit. On the other hand if it looks like more extensive damage has been done you will need to complain, explain it went unnoticed due to a reasonable delay in unpacking. They would need to prove it was your fault.
  27. Have had the above machine for many years, new drum bearings and motor brushes done a few years ago. Never had any issues with the machine, just done the above as a matter of routine due to age. Recently, if starting a 2nd wash straight after the first finishes the machine appears to start correctly, Wash light on, Drain pump runs but instead of the drain pump stopping and the machine filling with water the wash light goes off and the Drain light comes on, extended drain cycle performed and machine stops. E30 displays. Leaving the machine for a while it starts and works ok, sometimes it will do a 2nd wash without failing. I suspected the pressure switch but replacing it did not fix the issue. I have checked the pressure pipes and removed the pressure chamber, all clean. The drain pump does empty any water in the machine. The user manual does not list any E3x errors, just the following - E10 : problem with the water supply - E20 : problem with water draining - E40 : door open This machines owes me nothing but its part of the family That said I don't want to start throwing money at it now. Have been looking for a replacement but put off by long cycle times and/or inability to do a quick wash with a fast spin! Seem various posts on other forums and even found the exact same issue but no resolution. Any thoughts before I have to put it into retirement greatly appreciated.
  28. bob12241 - Top work! I had the same fault, quick and easy fix with the replacement diode (although I went with the same diode rating; if it faults again I will go straight back to check D7 as my first check). A nice easy quick video on testing diodes should you require it: Thanks Joe
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