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  2. Have had the above machine for many years, new drum bearings and motor brushes done a few years ago. Never had any issues with the machine, just done the above as a matter of routine due to age. Recently, if starting a 2nd wash straight after the first finishes the machine appears to start correctly, Wash light on, Drain pump runs but instead of the drain pump stopping and the machine filling with water the wash light goes off and the Drain light comes on, extended drain cycle performed and machine stops. E30 displays. Leaving the machine for a while it starts and works ok, sometimes it will do a 2nd wash without failing. I suspected the pressure switch but replacing it did not fix the issue. I have checked the pressure pipes and removed the pressure chamber, all clean. The drain pump does empty any water in the machine. The user manual does not list any E3x errors, just the following - E10 : problem with the water supply - E20 : problem with water draining - E40 : door open This machines owes me nothing but its part of the family That said I don't want to start throwing money at it now. Have been looking for a replacement but put off by long cycle times and/or inability to do a quick wash with a fast spin! Seem various posts on other forums and even found the exact same issue but no resolution. Any thoughts before I have to put it into retirement greatly appreciated.
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  4. Yes if you fit a carbon brush the wrong way around it can make a very loud ratchety or clicking sound.
  5. Hi - I had a slight query on one of the brushes I had replaced and marked before I reassembled because it popped out when fitting . So I restripped machine I reisntalled the other way round and the problem is fixed.
  6. Hi, I have just replaced very worn brushes on motor, when I refitted belt I have now a noise - when belt not on no noise - when I turn the spindle( that belt goes round) without belt on no noise in anti clockwise direction , ratchet sound clockwise. Belt has no sign of wear - machine worked quietly until this point. Belt is a snug fit when I stretch belt and rotate spindle noise goes. Any ideas? Spindle listed on diagram but not in partnumbers. Drum bearing okay. Any ideas?
  7. Hello. The end of the hose has to have a bung fitted or must fit to a stopper. It’s strange because you wouldn’t expect the bing to be so loose fitting it could become dislodged accidentally just cleaning the filter. If there should be some sort of bung it must be somewhere. Maybe it fell inside the base or under the washer somewhere.
  8. Yes, water is running out of this hose, the hose is not split, nor water comes out from any other hose/fitting in the lower part of the washing machine for that matter. The hose is attached to the filter housing area, so water comes into the filter and continues to run out through this hose. There is no pressure on the hose (if I just closed the orifice with my finger, FYI). AS mentioned above,this problem started right after I cleaned out the filter and screwed back the access lid. Currently, I found a perfectly fitting plastic cap/cork, about 8 mm in diameter, that fits very tightly inside the open end of the T shaped plastic piece attached to the hose, and effectively seals the opening. It seems to have solved the leaking problem, temporarily, at zero cost, but the next time I clean the filter out, I may have a hard time pulling the cork out and/or, will have a large quantity of water coming out from the filter lid when I unscrew it to clean it out. To clarify, the T shape end of the hose is not a functional BUNG per say (like a stopper, let's say, used on wine caskets). This plastic T shape end has an orifice that is not plugged, nor can it be pushed in or fitted into a device/bracket/etc that would cause it to be plugged and therefore play the role of a "bung". As I mentioned, one of the short end of the T is open, one end is shut by design and one end is fitted onto the hose itself. Hope this helps, and thanks for your time in helping out.
  9. You shouldn't need any filter. The water, whether hard or soft is dealt with by the detergent. In fact using water that has been treated and is too soft can have adverse effects - Connecting a washing machine to a softened water supply Having said that I've assumed you are talking about some system that softens water? If it's a filter to remove impurities and you have a non-standard water supply that may be different.
  10. OK, so water is running out of this hose? It should have a bung in the end, or maybe push-fits onto something that acts as a bung. Where is the water coming from, is it leaking from the pipe itself as in it's damaged or split? Or is water getting past the bung or not sealing when pushed onto the holding place?
  11. Hi Andy, yes, it is the emergency pipe that has a kind of a T shape, with one open and one closed orifice at both ends of the small segment of the “T”. The larger orifice points down and is attached to a plastic clamp that holds it from twisting upwards when draining. Thanks
  12. Do I need External filter to use it with my washing machine? The seller told me that you need filter before the water goes to the washing machine to protect the machine. I'm not sure if i need one just because I have a filter near my water tank (here we use water tanks to get water) do I need to add the extra filter I should I ignore it?
  13. Hi. Sorry I'm not fully following the faucet bit. I know it's an American word for tap but I'm confused because there isn't a tap behind the pump filter door. Do you mean the small emergency draining pipe that normally has a sort of bung in the end?
  14. There could still be something small jamming the pump impeller. Have a good look inside the pump again, rotate the impeller to make sure it's not stuck.
  15. Hi Kev pics have been included in my posting as an update done a while back, if you need, get in touch I will email them to you also. Hope you find them Regards Rob
  16. My Wife did a wash last night and when she came down she found the machine with all the lights flashing, I checked the filter and found the pump had a plastic label in it and some grey crude I removed the plastic and cleaned the crude, the machine fill file and the drum turns but I think when it tries to pump the water out I just hear humming noise, could it mean that the drain pump needs replacing?
  17. Nice to see that people are seeing this and saving megabucks on what is possibly a design fault that is raking it in for Beko. I probably didn't post my pics as I should have done as Andy appeared to be unaware of them. Anyway all seems ok now, incidentally I had a machine engineer on to me a while back he had 3 duff pcb's, he found this problem on 2 of them. Likely for sale as refurbs now . Happy to help Regards Rob
  18. Miele W961 Filter Empty Faucet from Hose Filter Keeps running after cleaning the filter, when filling the machine I cleaned the filter on my perfectly running (up to now) old Miele and when I started a normal, short cleaning cycle, the faucet on the hose behind the cleaning filter door on lower left side of the machine kept running as fast as the water entering the machine. I re-opened and resealed the filter, but same problem continues. I read all trouble shooting notes here, but nothing about this type of leak from the filter drain hose. Please help, I really appreciate this machine.
  19. hello Toby, That error code is in my troubleshooting guide Hotpoint Error Code F05
  20. Unfortunately all the error codes I have for AEG washing machines don't use E20.
  21. I just wanted to comment, that you bob12241 are absolutely epic and my hero, big time. Yesterday my WDIR7543101 Beko stopped working, had this quite beeping sound when plugged but no power on front panel, no response to any button combinations (reset, test modes etc). No obvious faults, I checked all I could with multimeter and almost surrendered. And I came across your post about diode dead on a pcb controller. This was the reason of failure in my case too, diode was faulty and I have just ordered a replacement for few quid, rather than 70 for a new controller. I will let you know once I solder it to the board, but I bet it will work as gold. Thank you very much bob, not all heroes wear capes!
  22. Hi I have an AEG 78160 that is used by a number of my tenants. It is showing error code E20 when I switch it on. I cannot find any debris or kinks in the tube and the drain motor impeller spins freely. Is it likely to be the drain motor or the control board that has gone please? Is there a way to determine the problem? Can I hook the motor up to 240v and check that it spins and conclude that it is a control board problem if it does? thanks hairgoneJohn
  23. You have to drill a hole in the side of the cupboard panel or pass it under or round the back.
  24. How does the pipe normally extend to get under the sink? I can't see a way of doing it that wouldn't mean just having the sink cupboard permanently open. There's nowhere to feed the pipe through to get it to the sink.
  25. Hello. It’s rare these days for a washing machine to be plumbed in the old way using a stand pipe. They tend to be plumbed into the u-bend under the sink. You could always get a plumber to install a standpipe but fitting a drain hose extension or replacing the drain hose with a longer one may be the easiest and cheapest way.
  26. I've recently moved into a new flat and bought a washing machine. Come to install it, and there's nowhere for the outlet pipe to go. It's in a kitchen with a section of space for the washing machine where the hot/cold inlets are, but nowhere for the outlet. Under the sink there's a pipe where I guess it could go but no way for it to reach. I appreciate it's difficult to suggest anything without seeing it but does anyone have any suggestions? I've no idea what to do.
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  28. Ours does it when water pressure is low.....next thing is H2O message, so then we refill tank from borehole & clean the little screen cap on the inlet.......have a problem now with other end: not pumping out (error message F05) Any advice?
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