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  2. Thank you for your reply. So the board the buttons sit on had become dislodged from its fixings. I've rehoused it, .minus the white plastic cover buttons, and plugged it in. It didnt trip, but I did get the e02 error, it wasnt connected to the water supply. Once it was connected the error didnt appear. I ran a full wash with nothing in it and it didnt present any problems. But at the end of the wash it's now given me the e03 error. Which i believe is a drainage issue. It has drained fully. I turned it off, waited a few minutes for the door to unlock, once it was turned back on it showed no error. So I recleaned the filters etc and ran it through a different cycle. Again at the end its given me the e03 error but again it has drained fully. Any ideas or thoughts? It's a Hoover VT814D21
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  4. Just bought one and it’s the same, did you get this resolved?
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  6. Hello everyone,, I have a family of 5. About a load of clothes are washed everyday in our old Semi Automatic Top Load. How much time does a fully automatic cycle take? Can clothes be added to such machines? Are they noisy? Is the quality of the wash good? Would you recommend them over top loaders? Do they consumer more electricity and water? Are they fill it, start it and forget it machines? Can we wash a small batch of clothes in it or do we have to full them to the brim with clothes?
  7. It may have a fault. But make sure it isn't just that it couldn't balance the load properly Washing machine won’t spin just one item or very small load
  8. Hello Tanya. It might not be difficult to put the buttons back in place. It would need the washing machine disconnecting from the mains electricity and the lid taken off. But it could just be that the control panel needs re-seating with the buttons in place. If the control panel is broken though that may be more difficult to sort. Having said that, you can't assume that your washing machine tripping the electrics is definitely something to do with this issue. As you said yourself, everything worked fine for a while. Of course it is possible something is related but it is also possible that the washing machine tripping the electrics is a new and totally separate fault. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do because this fault needs a specialist insulation test meter to diagnose properly as described in my article here Washing Machine Tripping or Fusing Electrics So the only thing that you could try is to unplug the machine, take off the lid and very carefully have a look at the printed circuit board at the back of the control panel where the buttons are. If it looks simple to put everything back in place fair enough, but if not you really need to get an engineer in.
  9. Update! I took the back off to check the band. All seemed fine. And oddly, now it's working! But the motor does sound very rattly, almost like its hitting something. Is that normal (when the back is off, I presume it's noisier!)
  10. My heavy handed children ended up pushing the 2 plastic buttons(one being the on/off button) inside my washing machine. Leaving the metal panel inside with the 2 red buttons on exposed, the buttons had been covered with the plastic ones . I went to use it , and with a pencil gently pushed the power button on. After turning it on this way for quite sometime, I was surprised someday when I turned it on and it tripped my breaker.. I've tried a different socket but the same thing happens. Do you have any ideas what has happened please? Thank you for reading Tania
  11. Hi folks Hoping someone can help... I have a Beko washing machine. Suddenly today, the wash cycle has developed a fault. It starts each little spin, does maybe half a spin, and stops (stops even trying). A minute or so later it does the same again. The motor sounds fine to me, and it had been working well until today. I've cleaned the filter etc, and turned the drum by hand and it seems fine. Can anyone suggest what that is likely to be, so I can decide next steps (repair or replace)? Thanks! Glen
  12. I would definitely run the cycle once a month. Also make sure you don't overload the drum when drying, remembering that washer dryers can wash a lot more than they can tumble dry. If overloaded I reckon it will create a lot more steam circulating which will soak the fan blades and help fluff to stick to them.
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  14. Recently moved to a bigger house, very first thing we bought was a cheap conventional Indesit tumble dryer . The last few months before we moved saw the Bosch permanently in the middle of the kitchen floor with the lid off. Totally given up on the Bosch , now used for washing clothes only.
  15. Just an update - I had the fan cover off yesterday and it was absolutely clogged with compacted lint. Pulled out as much, if not more than Iain's pictures above!! Quite alarming at how compacted it was between the blades. Also took the duct cover off as much as I could and it didn't look quite as bad but annoyingly the sensors triggered yesterday during a test run. This morning I had it apart yet again and cleaned up the duct (where the sensors are specifically) and also ran the "Fluff Clean" cycle on cold, which admittedly I had probably not ran anywhere near as often enough previously (knowing what I now know) AND ran an empty wash cycle with some washing machine cleaner in. It's currently drying 1/4 of what was on the wash cycle (decent sun today so most stuff went on the line). Fingers crossed, otherwise I'm kind of out of ideas. Unless triggering and resetting the sensors so much has made them prone to trigger more easily? Is that a thing? Perhaps running the Fluff Clean cycle more often is key to solving this? It doesn't stress in the manual that it's even necessary, only to run it when drying cycles aren't working as they should.
  16. Hello. I have an article on Whitegoodshelp about this too much foam inside washing machine
  17. It's normal for a washing machine drum to vibrate quite a bit. It will vary depending on the loading, but as long as it isn't swinging about so much it's hitting the sides it should be OK. There is a specific washing machine sealant. I always used to use Debor (washing machine sealant) but sealing a washing machine hose with sealant that has "give" in it is OK.
  18. Hello Adela. What problem do you have when trying to upload? Any error messages? You should be able to upload mp3 or wav
  19. I can’t upload a clip for the noise coming from my washing machine, even when I set to a two second clip the noise is awful but not constant I don’t know how else to get the sound on here, can anyone help please?
  20. Would just like to add that I am also experiencing the exact problem as described by Iain (same model too). I also was about to buy replacement sensors (which trip regularly) but I’m glad I didn’t as that doesn’t appear to be the issue. I’ll be dismantling the fan and ensuring it’s clear of any lint later today (will report back) but yeah, not something I want to be doing every 6 months. I can’t really add anything other than #metoo . Just wanted to add some weight behind it being a design flaw I guess.
  21. Hi Andy, the machine does not move but the drum vibrates a little on spin - I must admit the springs all look the same. we tried a short wash with the lid off - because I had never seen how much a drum moves I was not sure how much it should move and couldn't find a video of how it should be. I replaced the suspension dampers in good time before the machine started to violently rock so little strain was put on the springs. As you say the springs are very robust so I think we will put the lid on. we noticed a small weep from the hose on the top of the drum(the hose from the soap dispenser). I have smeared silicone around this not knowing if there is a special sealant - do you think this will work. thanks very much for your reply stephen
  22. HELP! I ACCIDENTALLY POURED in washing up liquid and now my washing machine has too much foam! What should I do?
  23. Hello DVD. Have you tried checking on www.4washerhelp spares? It will depend entirely on the model. Some washing machines have removable front panels, some have a full cabinet where the front is part of the main shell.
  24. I would think it very unlikely that you would ever need to replace the drum springs that hold the drum central from the top. The suspension dampers yes, but not if it's those really strong big springs at the top. When you say the drum moves more than you'd expect, that doesn't sound too serious? Is the washing machine itself moving about or just the drum inside?
  25. Hello Henk. Do you mean that water continues to rush in, or does just relatively small amounts of water seep in? Does this article help - Washing machine fills with water when off
  26. I am currently working on a customers house and a dent and slight scratch has appeared on their relatively new appliance under the door on the metal facade. My question is can the metal face be replaced and how easy is it. The appliance is a Samsung WD10N84GNOA
  27. Another episode in the Miele W856 saga. The fuse on the control board blew and blew again when replaced. I took a look at the motor and checked the brushes which were almost perfect (this machine is 15 years old, I was amazed). I checked the reversing relay and sure enough there was around 5 Ohms across the pins which were closed contacts. Replaced relay and fuse and all is well. Hopefully I will get many years out of it yet! I am going to keep a spare relay to hand.
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