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  2. its Running fine. And sometimes it’s beeping continuously and sometimes it’s once or twice throughout the wash. I read your lights flashing page but none of the lights are flashing at all.
  3. It is aye. The lights probably also serve to indicate the times on the left but only when on delay start which you may never have used. So is the washer working ok apart from the beeping or is it failing, if so it could be indicating an error code if it's lighting lights up at the same time Washing machine lights flashing
  4. Last week
  5. Hi all, I have a candy alise washing and dryer machine EVOW 4107. When I give current only "kg detect" blinking on display. I can push every switch but the machine don't do nothing. did you ever see something like this? best mullins
  6. Thank you, no it’s a bit confusing the light is for the right side when the programme is running.
  7. Thanks - that makes sense. I've ordered a new seal and I'll investigate downstream if the new seal doesn't fix the leak. Very grateful for your advice.
  8. That looks OK. I don't think it really matters much, it's only there to retain the door seal on the door rim.
  9. I presume you mean the emergency draining hose. Is it leaking from the front or where it attaches to the pump?
  10. The delay start hasn't been activated accdentally has it? That green light looks like it's on the 6 hours? indicator?
  11. Hello., this is answered here fabric softener compartment left full of water
  12. If you suspect flow is adversely affected it will be worth cleaning if you get to it. Maybe a new seal would be a lot tighter fit.
  13. Thanks for your suggestion. This seal can only go one way - it has an 'S' profile to enclose the water feed pipe in the centre and wrap around the wider pipe it connects to on the outside. I removed the seal and looked at it closely: no cracks or gunk or any obvious reasons to leak. Feels snug when fitted. As the machine fills, I can see that water pressure is chugging pressure backwards into that connection - it physically moved a bit backwards and forwards. I will replace the seal if so advised. Just seems to me that a new seal might leak the same way if subject to too much resistance in the water flow? Would you advise further disassembly of the flow path to see if there is gunk blocking something further downstream, eg. nozzle jets into dispenser tray? It's pretty dirty in there!
  14. If the seal looks okay have you tried just cleaning it up and refitting? If it's the type of seal that can be fitted the reverse way round that sometimes works but if it's obviously designed to go one way then you won't be able to. It's surprising how sometimes small seals can leak just because they get gunged up and once cleaned and refitted everything is okay.
  15. Hi all, My W5780 alerted me to a "waterproof fault" i.e. the bottom of the machine had pooling water internally. I've traced the leak to the black rubber "water path seal" between the water inlet valve and the mechanism behind the dispenser tray. As the machine fills, water is being pushed out backwards from the dispenser tray, forcing the seal (which doesn't have any clamp) to leak. Any advice please? All other electrical and mechanical systems are working fine. Seal looks good when removed. Could blocked nozzles or something inside the dispenser tray be allowing pressure to build in the incoming water and forcing it back out? Be so grateful for any help - we have health issues in the family and can't really allow an engineer in to repair during Covid-19 outbreak. I'm a decent home mechanic and electrician, so given a steer I can probably solve it myself - I just didn't want to dissassemble the machine further than necessary without some advice! Thanks.
  16. I require the following handle for a old bosch model WFLI2440GB/14 part number is 00424906. I am aware of the part being obsolete as it is a old machine the issue is it will not operate on the spin cycle apparently been told a small spring is missing.if someone can help me I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance
  17. Hi hope you can help me i have the Pro Action A105QW washing machine for like the past 2momths ish when i do the washing the draw were you pit fabric conditioner fills up with water all the time i hahe clean the draw out and the in side
  18. I am currently doing a wash and it seems like the only time it was beeping was on the first wash programme it's moved into the second programme now and doesn't seem to be beeping but I'll let you know.
  19. If there are holes underneath the paddles that are larger than the holes in the drum and especially if they are sharp then laundry will get forced through them and may tear it if the hole is large enough quite a chunk of laundry can be forced through (especially in spin) and can catch in the heating element or bracket.
  20. Hi I have an indesit IWC71252 washing machine. The wash seems to be ok but it beeps a lot throughout the cycle. It’s usually 3 or 4 beeps but I don’t know what’s causing it. I have read the FAQ’s and can’t see the answer. I have opened the bottom and unscrewed the cover it was clean. No lights are flashing and I have done a video of the beeps but don’t know how to attach it. can someone please help or advise me. I am a single mum and really need this for my kids clothes during this awful time. thanks for any help. sarah x
  21. I didn't even consider that!! Thank you, you've just saved me wrecking a lots of clothes! I'll just have to be patient.
  22. I removed a paddle from my Hotpoint machine last week to get a piece of underwire out that got stuck under the drum. This was all fine but the retaining clips snapped on the paddle. There was loads of scum stuck under the paddle so I removed the other 2 to clean. All of them broke and I ordered replacements, but our post is really slow at the moment and washing is building up. Could I safely use the machine with the paddles missing if I put larger items in the machine which arent likely to be sucked through the small gaps from the paddles?
  23. I recently replaced the water drain motor which was leaking. After replacing this part, the leak stopped but now see that water is coming from the filter drain hose during any wash cycle. This is the hose located in the bottom left hand corner that comes out when you open the small white door. This door hides the round filter that unscrews when you want to check the drain area for objects too large to drain out normally. This never happened in the past and wonder why this has started immediately after I replaced the water drain motor. Any ideas why?
  24. I'm struggling with how to mount the tension ring around the rubber washing machine seal of our AEG 74600. Does anyone have any suggestions, and is the spring part supposed to be at the bottom (under the rubber flap) as seen in the photo below?
  25. Noises like that are often caused by something metal being moved up and down repeatedly and tapping on something else when the drum is moving. It’s a case of unplugging it and moving and shaking and bouncing everything around to see what it is.
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