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  3. If it is stuck on spin cycle and not turned off it sounds like a pcb fault. Any other fault should cause the pcb to abort the cycle or at least switch off after the normal time. However, I would not advise fitting one as they are expensive and there's no guarantee it will fix everything.
  4. A partially blocked pump filter can cause poor rinsing have you checked for obstructions in the pump and filter?
  5. It leaves soap suds and wet washing, need a separate rinse cycle to complete.
  6. Thanks Andy, I have done this again, Unit had all flashing lights displayed (no LCD), cleaned water outlet pipe, checked connections, checked pressure switch, checked motor and carbon switches, checked drum free to rotate and no debris. Set to spin only and pump comes on and pumps water out, then nothing, no lights flashing just not continuing cycle. Checked module board for scorch makes and if capacitor is faulty (No bulging). Checked motor for damage (coils), everything seems fine. Set to spin cycle and pump comes on and then the drum rotates (motor working) and looks as if getting to end of cycle but then does nothing, cycle not ended yet for spin. Have put the machine on pause and start again and it does nothing, still waiting. Was going to replace machine but if its something that can be fixed? Don't know if the fault is in the module board as spin cycle started but hasn't ended. People replace machines that probably could have repaired, just want to check first, thanks again for reply. Paul
  7. In the end I did a wash cycle with the drum empty and 500ml of vinegar added, and it's been perfect ever since. The "easy maintenance" cycle doesn't have a spin cycle in it, so presumably it wasn't waiting for the water level to drop, and hence wasn't using the water level sensor. Problem solved!
  8. Have you tried a small tooth brush to get access? These articles may help - Black jelly-like substance in soap dispenser and on soap drawer Fabric Softener not being taken out
  9. Hi, I can't check as the model number you used isn't the full model number. If you search for your full model number (usually behind the door) on 4Washerhelp appliance spares you can see if bearings are available or if they supply a full drum with bearings already fitted. Replacing drum bearings these days is usually not worth it tbh
  10. If it’s bearing failure am I right that these cant be replaced on that model?
  11. I’ve had my zanussi machine for about 5 years and normally when the softener doesn’t go down like everyone else I give the drawer a thorough clean but this model has a plastic cover over the small holes where the water comes from, you can’t remove the cover so I’m guessing it has got to the point where it is bunged up, this plastic cover seems to be what is stopping me cleaning it but we’ve taken the top off the machine and it covers some electrics in the top of the machine and has lots of screws to hold it down, I just wondered if anyone has any tips as I’ve tried ever way to try and remove the lovely black Cloggy stuff. Thanks
  12. It's usually not a good sign if all the lights are flashing. They are designed to produce error codes which sometimes involves flashing selected lights but not designed to flash all the lights. It can be caused by a pcb failure or potentially even a connection fault somewhere. Not something I would recommend pursuing to be honest.
  13. When the washing machine drum stops turning it can be caused by many different faults. It's probably best to get an engineer, although sadly these days if it needs a new motor or pcb it is likely to be prohibitively expensive. To give you an idea, these are the common causes for this fault Washing machine drum not turning
  14. If it was catching on something you'd expect the noise to occur whichever way the drum turned. I've listened to it 4 times now and it sounds like a dry bearing noise but not a normal worn bearing noise. To check for obstructions tip the washing machine forward and backwards, from side to side etc to see if you can hear anything slide about.
  15. I woke up to find the exact same thing in my tumble dryer with all the clothes all twisted around it . Managed to free the clothes.its exactly like that but sticking out of the back of the front wall of the dryer. I can't seem to add pics. It works but the drum won't soon unless you push by hand.
  16. Hi ,I have a similar problem with a Beko 9kg WMB model .It was fine until yesterday when I noticed the drum wasn't turning during the cycle .I've gone through all the recommended steps to no avail .I've had it a while now but in saying that ,it was only used occasionally and has never given me any problems before .Pump is working and is clear as are the filters .I also removed back cover to check the belt and it too is fine .On putting it through test cycle first I received error message F13 ,suggesting the motor ,but on trying it since ,error message is now 0404 which I have trawled the internet to find a meaning for and only error message that corresponds is for a Chrysler car !Drum spins only when I turn it manually .I tried putting it on a short cycle with nothing in it but it seems to just keep filling up then emptying itself now !?! I'm a bit rubbish at DIY so don't fancy trying anything more technical in bid to repair {taking the back cover off made me feel like an engineer} Basically I just want to know if I should bin it and get a new one ,or ,hopefully get advice from someone who knows what their doing or can tell me what 0404 means .Error codes should be more straightforward .If LED display said ," I'm retiring " instead of secret codes it would be way less frustrating .I would really appreciate help .Thanks
  17. Thanks Hand turning drum anticlockwise - no obvious noise - turning it clockwise then the noise starts - very plastic sounding - as though something catching inside drum unit - although don’t see anything that’s obvious
  18. I've had another listen. It also sounds like a very dry bearing.If it didn't make the noise with just the motor and pump running it must be the drum bearings. It's not a normal noise for drum bearings though, that's usually a deep rumble. Motor bearings are more known for high pitched screech like that or even the pump. What does the drum sound like if you disconnect the belt and spin it hard by hand from the front? Can you detect any noise? Is there any play in the drum shaft? It has to be one of the 3.
  19. Thanks for ur reply I should have said that the audio was of an empty drum spin cycle and I’ve had the back off and nothing obvious catching casing. Ive also ran cycle with belt removed - no noise (except normal motor sound). Springs are intact - weight bolts tight - hand turning drum anticlockwise no noise - clockwise then noise starts. I had this on video but too large too upload hence audio only Thanks again
  20. Many front panels for washing machines are welded on these days. If they are designed to come off you should be able to see removable screws usually at the front at the bottom of the panel. Some may have screws at the top too under the control panel. You might be able to see the left one if you take out the soap drawer. Make sure it's all dry, once the seal has been pushed firmly onto the drum it should hold and you just keep fitting it on all the way round. A door seal isn't normally difficult to put on, but I have seen some Indesit ones which were ludicrously difficult with virtually no access for your hands.
  21. Try removing the plastic kick-plate at the bottom of the machine, they often just gently prize away revealing the pump filter where the small draining hose should be.
  22. Hello. The noise about a minute in sounds like the motor shaft catching on the back of the washing machine casing. Take off the lid and back panel and investigate. Sometimes it's caused by worn suspension dampers or a top tub spring missing that holds the drum centrally in place or just too heavy a load.
  23. Yes they did not bring a heating element with them. They said we haven't got one so we can't fix it! I have had enough of Bosch giving me the run around, and I am leaving it to my insurer!
  24. Have gone through nearly everything with this problem, there was all flashing lights on machine (no LCD display) checked pump line for objects, checked motor carbon brushes (not worn), checked module board, no scorch marks and capacitor is not bulging (faulty), checked pressure switch. Put water in the drum and set to cycle, pumps out water and then nothing, no lights flashing, just nothing. If you can let me know if this problem is fixable or I will just buy a new machine, thanks.
  25. Hello Anya, do you mean they brought the wrong one or didn't bring one at all? That's very poor service whichever it is. Most washing machines should never need a new heating element but many do. If the element is damaged by limescale it can fail more than once unless the limescale problem is resolved (limescale in washing machines)
  26. The repair man came out on Friday to fix my washing machine BUT he didn't have the heating element needed. He said he will come back out tomorrow, Tuesday, but this morning they called and said they don't know when they will have the part, so they can't tell me when they can come and fix the problem. I just wanted to ask, how long does a washing machine generally last without a heating element? My insurer says Bosch have a duty of care that they should fix it within two weeks, but now Domestic and General have taken over to tell Bosch to get on with it. They have made a total Bosch out of this so far!
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  28. Model: indesit iwsd 61251 c eco(eu) Decided to change door seal for my indesit. Managed to remove old one, that was easy enough but now can't get on the new one on inside drum. All videos it looks very easy but when I try to then it keeps popping off before all sides are on, not to mention probably will be even bigger struggle to put on the band on inside. Anyways, wanted to remove front panel so I would get more access to drum and hopefully have it easier to put on door seal but I can't find a way to remove panels. It's almost like all of them are welded together. Remove all the screws I could find on front. but I can see in many parts around side the front panel is welded/glued(no screws or rivets). So right now have no clue what to do but have a mechanic over that will struggle for me...but I'm a stubborn one and want to do this myself.
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