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  2. Thanks very much andy I had assumed that there would be a safety cut out on the machine in case of things like this which could have been reset as I know some of them have a reset inside the casing or a reset procedure via the control panel.
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  4. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Bosch WKD28350 keeps tripping out

    Hello Gez. A washing machine wouldn't normally need resetting. Once a fault has been properly fixed the washing machine should carry on working as normal. If you Removed the bra wire but it is still tripping the electrics then the fault has not been fixed. If it is no longer tripping the electrics but it is not working properly then there is still a fault. Sometimes if the washing machine blows a fuse or the electrics other parts can be damaged. Or alternatively once the fuse is blown the part that caused it has failed completely. It may no longer trip the electrics but it will also cause a different fault on the washing machine. For full advice on this problem read my article here Washing machine blowing fuses or tripping the electrics
  5. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    ISE 10 wm25.3 1606w Motor not working

    I don't know if this will work or not but try the following procedure to see if it produces an error code - Turn off the machine at the on off switch. Then turn it back on whilst pressing and holding the start/pause/cancel button. The start LED should start to blink within three seconds. If so, you should see an error code displayed using the ready, wash, spin LEDs. A combination of these three LEDs should light up. This definitely works for ISE washing machines but not necessarily all of them. If it does then I might be able to work out which error code it is giving by reporting which LEDs have lit up.
  6. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Small Holes In Clothes After Wash

    Hello Penelope. There is no resolution as such. Holes can be caused by many different things. Some holes are blamed on the washing machine but it isn't the washing machine causing them. It seems from studying this issue over many years that there is no single cause. However, you should try to spend time reading my article on the subject and the comments after as this will give an idea of the total public knowledge about the problem of holes in clothes so far. Also, if you haven't already, read all of the contributions to this topic that you have commented on. There may be closed within all of these articles and comments that might potentially help Holes in clothes after washing
  7. PenelopePitStop

    Small Holes In Clothes After Wash

    I have had a Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine for 2mnths at a cost of approx. £800 and I am now noticing small tears in washing, First it was a cotton pillow case (washed at 40 degrees on 1400 spin) now it is fitted sheet (washed at 40degrees 1200 spin) I am going to contact Currys and see if they can give me a refund as this is unacceptable. This bedding is brand new, I'm so annoyed it has ruined the pillow case and now looks awful sewn up! The holes are around 10cm, freyed around the edges I don't want to wash everything on a 600 or 800 spin, whats the point in buying a 1400 spin machine if it can't be used for anything? Ive heard people own Miele honeycomb drum machines and still have the same issue? Is there a resolution to this? Apart from washing on 600 or 800RPM? As even this has caused rips
  8. A few months ago, the main motor on my ISE 1606w washing machine stopped working. I took the frequency motor card out, inspected it all seemed well the motor seemed to be OK. Reassembled it and it worked. It has now failed again, in the same way, only this time the fault has not gone away after I inspected it and then reassembled it. If I put the machine into a simple programme such as Rinse with no spin and then press start the following happens lights l1to l5 light and 4 appear on the display panel. a short burst of inlet water a minute of nothing , then another short burst of inlet water. The Drain pump then kicks in after about 20 secs there is another short bust of inlet water, then after a further 20secs the drain pump stops and lights l1 to l5 go out, after a further 1/2 minute the 4 disappears If I now press door unlock for about 4 secs the door clicks open and the 4 on the display reappears. Its as if the Control unit and the motor controller are not talking to each other. Any ideas on what I need to check?
  9. I have a Bosch WKD28350. Electrics tripped and found out the washer dryer had a bra wire stuck through the drum, removed and now turns ok but needs resetting, Any advice welcome... thanks.... Gez
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  11. Thanks for your very useful reply, Andy. The engineers are changing the bearings today. I am also composing an email to AEG regarding extending the guarantee. I'll report back on here when I get a response from them!
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  13. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Indesit IWDC6125 not washing.

    Hello there. This fault could be caused by many different things. It ideally wants troubleshooting by an engineer with access to test meters etc. Commonly this fault can be caused by a faulty door lock, but it could also be caused if the door lock is okay but a connection or mechanical problem on the door catch prevents it being operated properly. On Indesit washing machines they can also go completely dead but with some lights working if the motor goes open circuit. That is most commonly caused by worn carbon brushes. But of course it could be various other things. I have an article here which is quite comprehensive but ultimately I cannot produce a complete guide to how to fix a washing machine so it just gives general advice which may be helpful in deciding how serious something is or helpful to someone who already has experience at repairing things Washing Machine Won’t Start
  14. Hello there. Unfortunately technical information for the Samsung brand is not easily available. I only have a few error codes for them, and none of them are for 8E. It does seem very unusual for the error to only occur right at the end. Have you got the instruction manual for it? (User manuals for white goods appliances). Sometimes error codes are mentioned in the instruction manual. They never give technical information, but some error codes are designed for customers to act on, so it is worth double checking. Examples of this are error codes that tell the user that the laundry wasn't able to be balanced so didn't do a spin, or that the pump filter needs cleaning, or that the water supply has been cut off. You should at least discount any of these possibilities before assuming it is anything more serious.
  15. Hi! I haven't used my washer in a while as i go to my g/f's to wash my clothes with her's..washer has less than 3 years usage, last time i wanted to use it got an 8E error code off the bat, unplugged power for a day, plugged it back in and error code went away..washed 1st load, all seemed well until last few minutes where i got the 8E error code again.. Any suggestions? Thanks
  16. Hi, My washing machine, which has had no problems before, has stopped working. When I press the start button (after the machine has been turned on) nothing happens except the light next to the 3h symbol goes green. If I press start again that light flashes (which means it has paused I think). I've made sure the door is closed properly but bar that I don't know what to do. I literally no nothing about washing machine at all! I've attached a picture. Please help! Thanks!
  17. I was so happy that I didn't inspect the original connector properly and just reconnected to correct port to save myself stripping whole grid of wires. It had comparing to the new connector one of the plastic guide on its frame missing. Not sure if it was filed off or some misfit from production hence I think it fitted in the wrong port on PCB.
  18. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    BEKO WMB 61022M not starting

    Hello Gary. I have a full article on this subject here Washing Machine Won’t Start. This is not good to be checking voltage inside the washing machine though. Testing for power getting through should be done with a continuity test meter which is totally safe. On some washing machines and open circuit motor of faulty carbon brushes in the motor can cause the whole washing machine to go dead. But usually this is a fault that can have many different causes I'm afraid.
  19. Wow. The odds of you finding that are very remote. It's ridiculous that any connector would fit in the wrong place on a pcb. Bad design. Well done for not giving up.
  20. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    BEKO WDX8543130W no lights on

    Did he appear to check the washing machine thoroughly? Or did he just say that without delving much inside? It just sounds a bit vague saying it could be one of 3 pcbs. If it is a pcb I'd suspect the main board but a completely dead washing machine can have many causes and needs checking properly with a test meter Washing Machine Won’t Start
  21. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Miele W3444 knocking during spin

    I presume there was nothing inside the drum? It's strange that the drum all of a sudden started swaying about. I would suspect drum bearings or a motor problem. The first thing to do is take off the drive belt and try the motor on its own. And spin the drum by hand to work out if the issue is with the drum or the motor. I also have lots of help and tips for diagnosing when Washing Machine is Noisy
  22. Hi I have a Beko WMB 61022 M that will not start. I have had it for about 4 years and it has been fine. The lights come on and I have changed the door lock switch but no change. I have checked voltage at the switch and that seems ok, 220 across middle and right or middle and left. The control panel shows no indication of burn out. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks Gary
  23. I was still hesitant, worried that it was easy to go wrong. diode It seems that this brand of washing machine can be used for a long time.
  24. So I was in contact with QER tech over the last week exchanged few short messages about the symptoms . He suggested that the PCB is not at fault in his opinion and generally was reluctant for me to send the board to test, he pointed to pressure sensor fault or possible earth leakage. I mentioned that I replaced the sensor and blown in it to try create different pressure to what he replied that this can damage the modern sensor. I was confused whether I've blown into the replacement sensor I got yet before I installed it so I bought another new replacement which when fitted in didn't make any change to the behavior. I then decided to buy new wires to the sensor to replace the whole pressure sensor circuit for new as I though the machine stood in showcase property and what if it never worked for some silly error and because faulty it was placed there by developer. The wire arrived today and as soon as I compared it to one on the machine the new wire connector had different guides on it which corresponded with other port on PCB which was not occupied. I tried to plug it there disconnected the original and VOILA ! PROBLEM FIXED!! The sensor was plugged in wrong port on PCB hence it was not picking up the feed from the sensor and kept switching the flood protection on. I have done a wash and dry today and works perfectly. It would have been clear immediately if there was a wiring diagram available, as such I must say it got repaired by luck. I have no clue why the connector would have been placed in wrong port, if it was repaired for other fault and then wrongly assembled and written off, no idea. I wanted to thank you Andy, for your kind advice and guidance through the course of testing. I have never had washing machine opened before and with your help I was able to begin understand how such machine works in principal. THANK YOU!!!
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  26. My washer dryer has stopped working completely – no lights on the front panel, no switches work. I called my local appliance repairer who assessed the situation as one of the three circuit boards was not working. However he felt unable to proceed with the repair without knowing which of the circuit boards had failed, and what had caused the failure. On that basis he felt the cost of repair would be more than the machine is worth. The machine is only just two years old – plugs, sockets, fuses etc all fine.
  27. stu-stu-stu

    Miele W3444 knocking during spin

    https://youtu.be/mJc9rWT6MII Here's a video of it knocking when empty with the front and sides off. Any help would be much appreciated. Stu
  28. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Hoover DXA 49W3

    Apart from trying some WD-40 in the catch there’s nothing else I can recommend. If the door won’t close with the machine unplugged then it sounds like a physical problem with the door lock.
  29. No. all seems fine. Seal OK, no damage to catch.
  30. Whitegoodshelp (Andy)

    Hoover DXA 49W3

    Is the door seal fitted properly all around the rim of the door? If not it can prevent the door from closing properly. Also check the door catch on the door for broken spring or catch.
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