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  2. Hi mine is doing to just did a auto clean and cleaned draw. And still doing it at random times and beeps like every one else
  3. Following up on this - mine did it in April, and then stopped, and has been sporadically doing it the last week. Hubby pressed the delay time button whilst it was doing it, and no more beeping! No idea why that fixed it, but it has.
  4. Last week
  5. Hello Oscar. Usually parts are only identified by model numbers and sometimes production numbers and not sizes or numbers on the part. With spare parts the site usually also says which models it fits. Do you have a link?
  6. i have a question about a washing machine belt I have a statesman washing machine belt size 1276. I found one on your site size 1270 would that one fit could you let me know please let me know. Thankyou
  7. Update - The issue was solved with a replacement pump! Bizarre that the pump worked mid-cycle but not a full drain! The repair guy said he'd never seen the issue before either. In any case, just pleased it's working and I haven't had to shell out £100s on a new machine! Cheers!
  8. Hello RB. If the washing machine pumped out the water okay when you drained it can't possibly have been the pump. If the washing machine isn't able to pump the water out that's one thing, but if it won't spin when the water has gone then it's often caused by a fault in the pressure system. It's not straightforward though, have a look at this article Faults on pressure system If by any chance the motor seems to be half-hearted or struggling to turn or sparking when turning then it might be a motor fault instead.
  9. Hi. If it has a circulation pump it must be not running or blocked somehow.
  10. I’m using LG TrueSteam washing machine at home. The problem im having is that there are no water being sprayed unto the clothes during wash cycle. How can i fix this?
  11. yep, its not even the actual pump motor itself is it? , because that's brushless too and if you took that off and wired it up it would be as quiet as anything without any water running through it. - its seems to be the combination of propeller in the pump and air in the water its emptying out that makes it sound noisy when emptying and when they are empty of water, they just start growling then . sure they can make them quieter or they should just use the pumps they used to put on the old hotpoints think they were much quieter by memory
  12. I agree, a brushless motor just makes the pump sound even noisier. Some washing machines pumps are ridiculously noisy. It's totally unnecessary apart from the fact that they often want to just fit the cheapest parts possible. Throughout my time in the trade I have seen many washing machine pumps that are very quiet.
  13. Hi Andy, very old topic I know but did you ever source a quiet pump for your hotpoint? I only ask because I baffled as to why any manufacturer would go to the expense of fitting a lovely quite brushless motor and leave the pump component as was. It would be nice to track one down and fit without to much bother, my machine is so quiet up to the point when it sends any current to the pump then it's eardefender time.
  14. The Answer is to thoroughly wash the detergent tray and the drawer that it sits in. No more problem! You need to clean the sensor at the top of the drawer slot .
  15. Sound like a sensible idea, I will get a surge protector. So far the machine has been behaving and I am hoping I have just had a run of bad luck...Fingers crossed....Thanks for the help.
  16. Earlier
  17. I have a Bosch washing machine, Model WFO2866GB/01, about 12 years old. The problem I'm having is that the spin cycle wont work when there is water in the machine. It will spin if I drain the machine and when there is no water in it. I've checked and cleaned all the hoses and I'm certain there is no blockage. Thinking the issue must be the pump, I've replaced it, with the same result - will spin with no water, not if water is in the machine. Additionally, of late, there has been a short delay (of up to a minute) between pressing the spin cycle button and the machine actually beginning to spin (when there is no water in it). Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received. Thanks
  18. The machine even put water in after I cancelled mid way through a spin, only for a few seconds. Model WM6167 Any idea what might be wrong? Thanks
  19. Hi. Could the pump be jamming up due to a floating obstruction or maybe the pump is cutting out? When it stops pumping out does the pump stop running?
  20. Hi, I've been having an odd issue with my hotpoint washer dryer, that's quite hard to google as everything about stopping while draining is about blockages. It stops at some drain point in the cycle, when empty it will fill up with water fine and there seems to be no issue with it spinning, I replaced the drum assembly about 4 months ago as the bearings had gone, I have tried the dryer setting and it seems to heat up fine as well. When on the drain cycle option, it will drain perfectly fine into the standing pipe, seems to be unobstructed flow, for about 5-10 seconds before stopping with all the lights flashing and door unlocking. I have taken all the hoses from the drum (hose with ball in) motor to the standing pipe and found no obstruction, I have cleaned them as well. I've cleared the coin trap bit with no issue and have taken the motor out when turning the drain cycle on and it spins perfectly fine, it seems to make a slighty different noise after a few seconds but seems to have no issue turning still, this sound started after I pulled out the metal cylinder part which attached to the cross turny bit (technical I know) basically the turning part of the motor inside the two coils, this is surrounded in plastic and did seem to be meant to be removable, it was covered in some gunk which I cleaned out. The sounds seems like maybe it rattles a bit. But the issue of stopping started before this (why i cleaned it out and it seems no worse or better since) From having it half filled with water, it is possible to drain it by repeatably putting on the drain cycle, it stopping and flashing, turning it on and off, then putting the cycle on again. I have left it off and unplugged over night and tried cycling it on and off, I've also tried getting it to run a few different cycles, normal use one, rince, dryer and the drain. All of these seem to stop mid way through draining. Any idea of how to fix this would be greatly appreciated, I've been pulling my hair out trying to work out why it stops draining when its draining perfectly fine. Many thanks, Ciaran
  21. Thanks for your help. Luckily it still can be used as its just the temp button and not any other. The cost of a board is stupid and they are very hard to find, so theres no offers anywhere. Ill keep a look out for a used part on ebay. Thanks again
  22. That's reassuring, thank you very much for the clarification!
  23. Many thanks for the update. It will be useful for others. No I don't think it is likely to have suffered any damage. All the movement of the outer drum that should have been absorbed by the suspension will have transferred to movement of the whole machine. Ironically the transit packaging prevents any damage because the outer drum was effectively seized up. The most likely potential for damage would be if the washing machine got dented or scratched after knocking into something.
  24. I initially missed the section mentioning these bolts, feeling like a complete idiot. Now the machine is pretty still and silent, thanks man. I'm wondering though, after several uses with bolts in and hence the machine vibrating like hell, did I reduce its lifetime?
  25. Thanks. Please do let us know what it is. I would be surprised if the heating element wasn't knackered due to corrosion and limescale.
  26. Yeh but given it's a cold wash, I figured the temp sensor wouldn't come into it... I've got a repair guy calling out tomorrow morning. As much fun as it's been dismantling it every night this week, I've run out of patience and time! I'll revert back and let you know what the outcome is. Thanks for all your advice!
  27. Hi. Are you placing the tablet on top of laundry inside the drum? I wasn't aware you should do that. What does it say on the packet about how to use?
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