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Consumer advice - washing machine repairs


My repair company only gives a 3 month guarantee on repairs. Is this reasonable / challengeable?

This article has been updated and moved here - Is a 3 month guarantee on repairs reasonable?


If I take time off work and their engineer doesn't turn up can I claim compensation?

This article has been updated and moved to the main site here - If an engineer doesnt turn up can I claim compensation?

My (under guarantee) washing machine repair company can't send an engineer until next Wednesday and it's Thursday - can they do this?

This article has been updated and moved here - Engineer cant come for over a week is this acceptable?

The repair company say the washing machine fault is not covered under the guarantee and I have to pay

This article has been updated and moved here - Washing machine under guarantee will they charge if coin in machine?

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Consumer advice on Washerhelp is written to specifically relate to washing machines but should equally apply to other products and services.

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Which? have lots of consumer related advice and research

Which? are a not for profit consumer group and a registered charity and have a website where you can research immediately online (not just washing machines) and benefit from their highly respected opinions and experience of consumer issues. ( Which? Consumer Rights (Which? consumer advice 1 month trial offer available)

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The Department of Trade & Industry have produced a downloadable (pdf) guide - for traders. It's very useful to see because it's what the sellers (should) go by.

The Law Relating to the Supply of Goods and Services - A TRADER'S GUIDE:

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