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Hotpoint WD64P washer dryer review

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There's not much to shout about with this washing machine. It's neither rubbish nor great. The Hotpoint WD64P (UK) is extremely similar inside to the WM and WD range of washing machines that they've been selling for years. If you have had one, you know roughly what you'll be getting. Drum bearing failure has always been more common on these washing machines than it should be.

Hotpoint washing machines are easily repaired because most independent repairers deal with them. Hotpoint spare parts are easy to come by too. There's also a free 5-year parts guarantee with all Hotpoint washing machines.

Latest info:

This model is discontinued but there are still plenty of similar models around

Main review

NOTE: The "P" at the end of the model number indicates the colour (Polar white) Therefore the exact same model number (WD64) with a different letter at the end is the same washing machine in a different colour.

This washer dryer is virtually the same washing machine Hotpoint have produced for many years, which in turn was little different from the Hotpoint washing machines produced for several years previous too. If you have had a Hotpoint washing machine before and the model number started with WM or WD then this washing machine isn't really much different although there are definitely some improvements. (Hotpoint currently sell another range of washing machines where the model number starts with WMA. These are quite different to the WM and WD ranges)

One of my biggest criticisms of many washing machine manufacturers is that instead of sticking to a design and slowly improving it, they constantly redesign washing machines from scratch. This introduces constant teething problems and prevents developing a tried and tested washing machine. So, after sticking with the same fundamental design for so long, have Hotpoint managed to develop this type of washing machine into one of the best around? Well unfortunately Hotpoint are in a price war with many other similarly priced washing machines so they seem more concerned with just producing a washing machine that will sell competitively in their chosen price range rather than producing the best they can - which would potentially double the selling price.

First impressions

The WD64P is bright white with matching door and control panel. Hotpoint have always designed aesthetically pleasing washing machines although here, the control panel looks a bit too busy as the controls for the dryer and the option buttons compete for space.

Build quality

The build quality isn't cheap-tack, but it's in no way a quality washing machine either. The soap dispenser and dispenser drawer front are better quality than those seen on Indesit, Candy etc. and so is the casing and back panel. It's basically a little step up in quality from the budget washing machines but a slight step down from the Hotpoint washing machines supplied for the last 10 years or more that this washing machine is based on.

Usability of the washing machine

The controls are simple enough although a bit cluttered. The program timer is the older manual type so there are no electronic displays. Next to the program selector knob there is a manual spin speed selector knob which allows control of the final spin speeds, and the dryer timer knob. There are four largish option buttons.

  1. Economy
  2. super rinse
  3. Rinse hold
  4. Time saver

Super rinse buttons remind me of the "bass boost" or "super bass" buttons on portable sound systems. If you turn them off, you can hardly hear any bass so they get left permanently on. For environmental and economy reasons, modern washing machines don't use much water on rinses. If you select a super rinse (or extra rinse) option it usually just makes the washing machine rinse "properly". This is achieved by simply using more cold water (as they used to) Therefore if you have skin irritations it's a good idea to keep this option selected for more thorough rinsing. If not, and you are on a water meter, you may find it OK to leave it unselected.

The Time Saver option is new, and claims to reduce the wash time on most programs by 25 minutes. It also reduces the ColourFast Cotton program (D - 60 degrees) wash by a whopping 43 minutes. This begs the question, how long does ColourFast Cotton take without the time saver button selected? The answer is, 160 - 180 minutes! This point is developed in the concerns section later.


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Best Retailer

John Lewis John Lewis are a great place to buy a washing machine from. They give at least 2 years guarantee on all washing machines and other appliances - and even 3 years on their own brand (plus 5 year guarantees on TV's).

Free standard delivery on all orders over £30

They've also been voted top of the customer satisfaction polls by Which? consumer association. John Lewis - the best? (external link to my Blog).

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