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Electrolux EWN 14991 W review

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Time Manager: 8 Kg direct spray model EWN 14991 W (available in white and silver)

This is another Washerhelp recommended washing machine. It's respectably built, easy and pleasurable to use and the Time Manager system really does allow you to reduce the wash time significantly. We didn't notice any problems with the wash quality even when reducing the time on cottons by an hour.

This washing machine should be considered if you want a washing machine that's respectably well made and with advanced features yet still affordable.


This model is unfortunately no longer available so this review is archived though it still gives a good insight to Electrolux (or AEG-Electrolux) washing machines. To see more up to date reviews see the paragraph below regarding Which?

Which? Reviews


It has a top spin speed of 1400 RPM which should be fast enough for most people. It also has a massive 8Kg drum where you can fit in almost twice as much as you could several years ago (a 7Kg and 6Kg version is available if 8Kg is too big).

Main Features -

  • Energy Class: A
  • Spin efficiency: A
  • Wash Energy Rating: A
  • 1400 rpm top spin
  • 8Kg inclined drum
  • Time Manager (time reduction control)
  • Height (mm): 850
  • Width (mm): 600
  • Depth (mm): 600
  • Water Consumption per cycle Wash & Dry (litres): 64
  • Available in white and silver

Main review

I became interested in this washing machine after a strange coincidence. I had published a blog article ( Customers want much faster washes ) where I called for washing machine manufacturers to give us washing machines that let us have more control over the wash times. My article suggested it would be great if we could set the time of washes ourselves instead of being dictated to by fixed programs. 

For years we've had to endure the wash times set by the manufacturers, which have become longer and longer. These days even many "quick" washes still take too long or are just inappropriate for our needs because they are designed only for lightly soiled laundry. Of course reducing wash times too much could affect its efficiency but I speculated that most people would still prefer the option of overriding wash times at least occasionally.

It was only a week or two after publishing my article that I came across Electrolux's advert showing a washing machine with a winder on the side emulating a wrist watch. The tag line read, “We were thinking - you should set the time your wash takes, not the machine”.

It was quite a coincidence, and a welcome one - but is it just a gimmick? Or is it a washing machine that breaks the mould and offers something genuinely useful?

What is Time manager?

The Time Manager system allows the user to override most wash times in 5 decreasing increments. You set the wash programme as normal, but then you have the option to reduce the time taken to complete the wash according to your time restrictions or maybe because you feel the laundry isn't dirty enough to need the full wash time. The Time Manager facility is available on most of the current Electrolux range.

Quote from Electrolux (press release)

"Fed up of the washing machine controlling your time? The new Electrolux Time Manager range means the washing machine fits in with your life – and not the other way round. You simply select the wash programme and the preferred wash time, rather than be dictated to by the machine. There are huge time savings to be made – for example, you can wash cottons in 45 min's and synthetics in just 20 minutes."

First Impressions

This washing machine looks well made. It’s chunky-looking with an extremely large door. The control knob is fixed in the centre of the control panel and the symbols on it are easy to understand without reference to an instruction book. It has a large LCD display on the right surrounded by silver function buttons. I like the look and style of this washing machine.

The Time manager came very well packed for transit. After removing the packaging, a large quick installation guide was taped to the top of the lid showing how to remove the transit bolts and connect the washing machine to the plumbing. The guide was very easy to follow, with plenty of photos and even had a website address for more detailed instructions and a video although these instructions should be more than adequate.

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Best Retailer

John Lewis John Lewis are a great place to buy a washing machine from. They give at least 2 years guarantee on all washing machines and other appliances - and even 3 years on their own brand (plus 5 year guarantees on TV's).

Free standard delivery on all orders over £30

They've also been voted top of the customer satisfaction polls by Which? consumer association. John Lewis - the best? (external link to my Blog).

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