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Dyson CR01 review

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The Dyson washing machine is the most talked about washing machine for decades. The only time I remember seeing the same level of interest in a white goods product, by the general public, was when combined washer-dryers started becoming more common (in the UK) in the early 1980s.

The design of the Dyson CR01 range of washing machines seems deliberately provocative. The Dyson CR01 is saying look at me, I'm different to other washing machines, buy me and you won't be buying an ordinary washing machine. I can confirm that in many ways this is true.

The Dyson CR01 may be seen as flash to some people's eyes, but don't be fooled. Inside the CR01 is a serious washing machine that puts some companies who have been making washing machines for many decades to shame.

Latest info:

Unfortunately, although Dyson announced plans to bring another Dyson washing machine out, for the moment, the Dyson washing machine is no longer being made in the UK (although you will still be able to get them repaired).

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Main review

First impressions

The Dyson CR01 looks better in real life than it does in the pictures. It looks modern, uncomplicated and totally unique. If you don't like the silver and purple look, the CR01 is available in other colours

The Door is massive - and so is the 7 Kg drum. There are two doors in fact, the outer one being totally clear. First impressions are that this door is too flimsy and could easily be broken. However, I subsequently discovered that the hinge is designed to detach if knocked harshly (and therefore not break) and the actual plastic is made of the same material that riot shields are made of.

Build quality

The Dyson washing machine is a good quality washing machine combined with some ground breaking design and features. The Dyson washing machine is tested for a life of at least 20 years, the first two of which are covered by Dyson's guarantee. I wouldn't say it's in the same quality league as Miele though. Build quality-wise the Dyson is more a step up from an AEG, with better suspension and drum weights. The high price here is more for the technology and unique design as well as the large drum size.

Usability of the washing machine

The Dyson CR01 is totally intuitive. Anyone could use it without having to refer to the excellently designed instruction book - even men. This may seem unremarkable, but believe me, I've seen plenty of washing machines where it's impossible to work out how to use it properly, or cancel a program, without the instruction book.

The control panel is well designed and the display is very informative. There is a start / stop button, which lets you pause the wash, and the door will then open immediately. This is possible because the water level doesn't go above the glass on wash. Clothes can be added if needed, and in fact, we have already taken advantage of this when my son decided he "had" to wear a certain pair of jeans and was going out in just over an hour.

The CR01 Memory gets its name from the fact that you can customize up to three wash programs and memorize them as you would your favourite radio stations on a radio. This process is very easy. You just select a wash-type, a temperature and a spin speed, and then press one of the three memory buttons for longer than a few seconds. After hearing the beep, your customized wash is memorized. This is a useful - although not an essential - feature.

The parts inside the Dyson CR01

Although the front is made of tough plastic (so it can never rust) the rest of the casing and back panel is made of galvanized metal. The outer tub inside is plastic, which most other washing machines have these days. The suspension looks very efficient. The individual suspension legs are small, but there are four of them (one in each corner), most washing machines have just two suspension legs. There are also four tub springs at the top (most washing machines have just two)

The tub weight is made of proper cast iron (not concrete like most washing machines) and there are two motors. That's right, two motors.


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