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Candy CN120 review

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Candy CN120


The Candy CN120 (UK) is extremely similar inside to the Hoover range of washing machines because they are made by the same company but this one looks awful compared to the much nicer Hoover designs. Candy washing machines should now come with the same free 5 year parts guarantee safety net that Hoover's have - although be warned, it will cost you over £90 to use it - I have a 5 year parts guarantee - should I use it?.

Latest info:

Unfortunately this model is no longer widely available but the replacement models are still very similar in the way they are made to the one reviewed here. This review can still give a good idea of what Candy washing machines are like.

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Main review

Candy bought Hoover out several years ago. This means that Candy and Hoover washing machines are now extremely similar inside and there are many similarities between this review and the Hoover H160E washing machine review

What's the difference between a Hoover washing machine and a Candy? Well, Candy are a bit cheaper and a few parts seem to be slightly lower quality. So the question is, should you buy a Candy washing machine or a Hoover washing machine? Or should you avoid both?

First impressions

I find the Candy CN120 a bit ugly. It's got an old fashioned look to it and it does look a bit cheap. The chunky option buttons look awkward but feel decent enough quality. The knobs and buttons look like they've been placed in their places without much thought. The controls are simple and there's a manual temperature control. The door opens back almost flush with the casing for easy access. This is a budget priced washing machine and one of the cheapest in the UK.

Build quality

The build quality isn't awful, but you get what you pay for. I would put it somewhere between the Hoover and Indesit. The program information printed on the control panel doesn't look hard wearing, so care would be needed to stop it wearing away altogether. The quality of the screw holes in the back panel is very poor. After just one undoing (to take transit packing off) the holes become enlarged and the back panel screws no longer tighten up properly again. It's likely to result in unnecessary rattles from the back panel in the future.

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Best Retailer

John Lewis John Lewis are a great place to buy a washing machine from. They give at least 2 years guarantee on all washing machines and other appliances - and even 3 years on their own brand (plus 5 year guarantees on TV's).

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