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Buying advice

This page features all of my articles potentially useful to anyone looking into buying a new washing machine or other white goods or kitchen appliance. It features articles from washerhelp on the left column, and articles from my white goods blog on the right, all of which are tagged with "buying advice".

Washerhelp Articles

Consumer rights: Washing machines and repairs

Consumer advice relating to buying a washing machine or other appliance online or second hand. Taking the seller to the small claims court - what if the company has gone bust?
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Washing machine repairers part 2

Finding a reputable washing machine repairman or company isn't always easy, and there are many issues relating to having a washing machine engineer call to your house that are covered in the repairs section. (including links to find a washing machine repairer in your post code are)
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White Goods Help articles (My other website)

Whitegoodshelp is a UK Blog resource specialising in white goods and laundry appliances by Washerhelp author Andy Trigg - a repairman with over 30 years experience in the trade on all levels.

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