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Where's The Pump Filter On A Hotpoint Washing Machine?

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I have made the mistake of trying to wash a bathmat in the machine. The mat partly disintegrated, losing a lot of fibres in the process, which must be blocking the works because the machine now cannot spin the water out.

There doesn't seem to be a filter anywhere that I can clear out. I'd like to try to unblock the washing machine myself, rather than having to call out an engineer. Is this a possibility for a beginner?

I'd be very grateful for your advice.

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The filter on a Hotpoint washing machine is hidden inside the sump hose. The sump hose is at the back of the washing mahcine and goes from the tub to the water pump.

Unplug the washing machine! and take the back panel off. Take the sump hose off of the tub (have a few big bath towels ready to mop up water if you haven't got most of it out - even if you have, there will still be some water in this hose)

You should easily be able to remove and clear the filter. Make sure you refit the hose securely. If it comes off you will have a seriously horrendous flood

Further advice (including help in draining the water out of a washing machine) here - Washing machine won't empty water | How do I clean my pump filter - where is the pump filter?

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