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Conditioner Tray Not Filling / Emptying

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Hi, the conditioner tray is not emptying any conditioner?

I have cleaned it out, and now when I fill it with water under a tap it flows out through the pipe/hole thing.

I have ran a full wash cycle with no conditioner in and the tray is empty after the wash?

I would of thought it should fill with water and be left with water in after the wash?

Many thanks in advance...


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To take the fabric conditioner into the machine water is run into the compartment, which causes it to overflow with water. The fabric conditioner is flushed out of the compartment and down into the soap dispenser. When the washer stops filling, the water left inside the fabric conditioner compartment should siphon out up the tube and through the hole at the bottom leaving the compartment empty.

I have some advice about this problem on my washing machine troubleshooting list - fabric conditioner doesn't get taken into washing machine

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