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Indesit Moon

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Just wondered if any one had any experience or knowledge of the new Indesit Moon Washing machine?

I'm also impressed by Currys take away your old and connect your new machine:anywhere else offer this service?

GREAt site,by the way!

My present Washing machine is a Candy Domino 4:bought 20 years ago and never broken down but now seems to be shrinking clothes slightly

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Thanks very much. Indesit washing machines have always been budget washing machines and amongst the cheapest (in the same price category as your Candy). They've been no frills and very cheap but many people were satisfied with them in the past and they tended to be reasonable value for money.

These days the main problem is that spare parts and repairs are often very expensive compared with the purchasing cost of a new one. All cheap washing machines suffer from a potential throwaway problem and too many just get scrapped the first time they break down, which is why I don't like cheap washing machines personally. It's a symptom of the throwaway society we are in although with the environmental concerns hopefully that is going to change.

I have commented about the indesit moon washing machine on my blog - Indesit Moon washing machine

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