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Hotpoint Wm62 - Belt, Bearing And Drum Removal

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Andy, in an earlier post you advised that the drum belt rarely jumps off the drum pulley unless there is a contributory reason. I can confirm in my case this was due to the failure of the inner drum bearing. This means that the inner drum no longer runs concentrically with the outer drum. I now know the real source of the banging noise - not the detergent ball as originally thought.

How likely can this be repaired successfully by replacement of the drum bearings alone, or is the damage probably more extensive and possibly a new drum assembly will be needed?

In which direction do you withdraw the drum to remove the bearing? Through the back, front or top?

The washing machine is about seven years old.

Grateful for any advice.

Many thanks.

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This is a common problem with Hotpoint washing machines and one that's still affecting new models today. It's only a DIY job for the confident - or someone who enjoys a challenge.

If the front drum bearing has collapsed (which it often does, and can be detected by a lot of up and down play when lifting the front of the drum) then you may find it impossible to get the front drum bearing's outer race out of the tub without a special bearing removal kit. It's possible for there to be a fair bit of play without the front bearing having collapsed, but occasionally when you try knocking it out, it still collapses.

To get to the drum bearings on this model, you need to strip down the front panel. After which, you unclip all the clips holding the front plate to the tub. You'd need to undo the pulley nut and unscrew the drum pulley round the back and knock the drum through the front of the tub with a heavy mallet.
The drum pulley nut is a normal thread, but it's loc-tighted to the shaft so it's very tough to loosen.

Without this knowledge, you'd start to think it's actually a left hand thread after a while and try turning it the other way which wouldn't budge It's a normal thread, so it's anti-clockwise to undo.

You'd need to replace -

  • the drum shaft spider (which bolts to the drum)
  • the front drum plate seal
  • both drum bearings and the bearing seal

All these parts can be bought directly here - Washing machine spares

Troubleshooting washing machine belt keeps coming off

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Andy. Thank you for your excellent advice. Forums such as yours show what a force for good the internet community can be. Again many thanks.

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