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Hoover New Wave Plus 5 E1 Error

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Hi, I've been having an intermittent problem with my washer (Model A2120). Every now and again it stops mid cycle and comes up with an E1 error. It happened again yesterday, so I decided to test a spin cycle to see if that worked. It never managed to make it to a full spin, only a standard slow turn and sounded like the pump was going for ages and then eventually did the E1 error.

It didn't look to have any water in it, and this is probably confirmed by the fact I was able to switch the washer off and back on again and it would let me open the door straight away.

It doesn't seem to be having problems filling with water or anything like that. I've tried the washer again today and it's worked fine, even though yesterday it got stuck every time I attempted a spin.

Have you any pointers on what I could look for to identify the problem.


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Error E1 means, "washing machine has exceeded a check time for fill, heat or empty".

Common causes for this are fill and empty problems, heater fault or wiring
to it broken, Pump open circuit (although that would stop the water draining too) Pressure chamber blocked or pressure tubing pipe looped below the pressure bottle or a sticking eco ball in the sump hose (sludge and grease build up.

I covered this error code in more detail here - Error Codes E1 And E2 For Hoover New Wave Washing Machine

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