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Washing Machine Very Noisy When Spinning Fast

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Posted 17 May 2006 - 10:35 AM

I have a washing machine that's started to be very noisy when spinning fast. The fault comes on even with a fairly moderate load of 2 or 3 towels, though not when empty. The noise is a terrible banging and rattling and seems to be coming either from inside the drum or just underneath it. I have checked for all the possible causes refered to on the Forum including worn bearings and damaged concrete blocks but I cant see any problem.

There is no movement in the drum, or signs of rust from the bearings, or rumble or any other noise when I spin the drum by hand. I have almost completely dismantled the washing machine to try to find the cause. I have removed the drum and the concrete blocks and can find nothing wrong with them and they were bolted on tightly. I have also removed the front section of the outerdrum so that I can examine the inside but it all seems ok. I have also examined the springs and mountings but all seems ok. The washing machine is only just over a year old and is otherwise in perfect condition so I am reluctant to scrap it and would be grateful for any suggestions
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Posted 17 May 2006 - 10:47 AM

It sounds like you've covered everything. Something trapped between the outer tub and inner drum can cause a lot of noise, which isn't present without any laundry in, but you should have found it when you removed the drum. However, try disconnecting the washing machine and tipping it back and forth to see if you can hear anything sliding around in the tub. I've known cases where something metal was inside the washing machine but when the water drains out it drops into the sump hose out of sight. As soon as water comes into the washing machine it floats back into the tub and causes the noise when spinning. Try taking the sump hose off (which is the black hose leading from the tub to the pump) and checking for stuff like money in the hose or pump.

With washing machines that are very noisy on spin, but only with washing inside, common causes are obstructions inside the tub, loose concrete weights, cracks in the drum spider and out of balanced loads (How do I avoid out of balanced loads in my washing machine?) or suspension faults (Worn or damaged drum bearings usually cause a rumbling noise).

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