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Error Codes E1 And E2 For Hoover New Wave Washing Machine

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My Hoover washing machine (New Wave Plus) has started to display error codes E1 or E2 during the wash cycle. What these error codes mean please? In fact the washing machine is able to display error codes 1 - 6, it would be useful for future reference if I knew what they all meant.

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On the hoover new wave washing machine, these error codes are -

E1 : washing machine has exceeded a check time for fill, heat or empty.

Common causes for this are fill and empty problems, heater fault (or the wiring
to it broken), water pump open circuit (although that would stop the water draining too) Pressure chamber blocked or pressure tubing pipe looped below the pressure bottle, or a sticking eco ball in the sump hose (sludge and grease build up)

Related: -

E2 : open circuit thermistor (NOTE: Other washing machine manufacturer's may also use the error code E2 with an entirely different meaning) A thermister is the modern version of a thermostat. It's very reliable.

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