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Indesit We16 Fault Code F05

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I have an Indesit Evolution 1600 WE16 and have had a fault code of F05

I've restarted the machine and it has completed a cycle without a problem. Bearing in mind the advice given on this site about the dangers of ignoring small problems, can you tell me what this fault code means and whether I need to get someone to look at it?

Many thanks for any help.

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F05 on an Indesit washing machine means "Pressure switch jammed on trip"

As is often the case, knowing the error code is one thing, but findng the cause is another because error codes often have several possible causes. The wording of the error code explanation suggests the pressure switch clicked on to register a water level, but when the water was drained away it remained on instead of turning off. I would guess there could be a blockage in the pressure system, or the pressure switch could be faulty. Also, if the water didn't drain properly it would cause the pressure switch to stay on too. Finally, the Indesit washing machines PCB's can give erroneous errors where the fault turns out to be with the pcb itself. This makes things very difficult if you don't have access to replacement PCB's to try.

Basically, I would keep an eye on the washing machine and try it again. If it reoccurrs then clearly it needs sorting, but if it doesn't it might have just been one of those things.

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