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Hi, hope someone can give me some advice? Had to have new brushes fitted to my Bosch Washing Machine today. So it's working again, but the repair man said it would make a odd noise for a while and that he could hear a bit of sparking. He said it would work and wasn't dangerous, but wasn't really happy with it and that I should buy a new one, is this correct? He sells machines in his...
Nov 29 2011 04:38 PM


I have a Bosch Classixx 1000 Express that is 7 years old, it keeps washing the clothes and not moving on to rinse or spin cycles on all the programmes. I stop the machine to turn the dial to drain, then rinse/refresh which works with no problems. I have read some previous posts and tried putting hot water in the detergent dispenser which did not work, same problem.
Nov 20 2011 03:17 PM


washing machine has no electricity supply, checked plug and fuse but still dont come on, it was working the day before, i heard a funny noise coming from the machine and the power light was going on and off, then it just went off now washing machine dont work any ideas pls
Aug 08 2011 06:44 AM

James BedfordMaundy58

I decided to pay out more money up front (You Pay for what you get) but I cannot recommend Miele enough there built very well, they run sweet and over all a far better machines then the brands out on the market
I’ve had my Miele appliances now for just ever a year and a half and there still as fantastic as they day I bought them
Once really please consumer
Jan 15 2007 03:51 PM