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  1. Yes Miele technical information is particularly highly protected but it isn't possible to buy technical manuals for other brands too.
  2. Hello Stu. Sorry about that. Service manuals are just not available, especially for Miele. Even washing machine engineers can't get hold of them.
  3. Hello Tony. I'm not sure if the clicking is related in any way to the washing machine not spinning. Especially if it can be replicated by rocking the drum which would indicate a mechanical or manual problem with the drum or cabinet. In my experience a clicking noise when you rock the drum can also be caused by wheels in the base of the machine or problems with the chassis if it isn't caused by the suspension. I have looked at all the possible causes of a washing machine not carrying out the spin cycle in my help article here which you need to carefully go through to try and match up your problem with a potential fault. If it doesn't help though the best thing is to get an engineer out as this fault can have many causes. Washing machine not spinning
  4. Hello Stu. Yes, I have links to many brands of washing machine instruction manuals over on whitegoodshelp Washing machine instruction books and user manuals
  5. A plastic bottle cap is unlikely to do any damage. Hopefully it will end up trapped in the pump filter where you can retrieve it. Before using the machine check the pump filter, and check it regularly to see if you can get it out.
  6. Not being able to select specific options on specific wash cycles is usually because the washing machine is programmed not to let you select them for that particular wash cycle because it's inappropriate for that cycle. Could it be that?
  7. Hello, washing machine belts are not identified by size. The are just supplied by manufacturers and spares companies as requested per model. The belt you would need is on my affiliate spares site here - Hotpoint Poly-Vee Drive Belt 1201 J6 IWC81481 ECO Don't let the Hotpoint reference concern you as Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit are all the same company now. However, if it is the drive belt you should be able to hear that the motor is turning but see that the drum is struggling to turn and appears to be slipping. The same applies to the belt as the brushes, at that age no parts should be worn unless it's doing a few washes every day constantly.
  8. Carbon brushes shouldn't have worn out by now but if you use the machine heavily and bearing in mind it's a budget brand it's possible. However, there could be various other explanations. I have an article looking at the various possibilities but unless you can see something like the belt has come off or the brushes are worn it's going to need an engineer - Washing machine drum not turning
  9. First thoughts are possible power supply problem. Try in a different wall socket first and check plug is ok. If it's not the wall socket it could be various things that would need a repairman to investigate.
  10. The second picture doesn't seem to show it broken, only bent with the second earth not pushed on, but you need to ensure both earth wires are connected and that they can't easily be pulled off. If the earth wire(s) work loose the machine could be dangerous. The connectors have the small spring-like tab in the centre and the small hole on the male connector so that when pushed onto the element they snap on and can't be pulled off without first releasing the clip to ensure they don't work loose and fall off. If the tag is broken you need to replace it with a new piggyback connector.
  11. Many thanks, it's always very useful to have a proper update.
  12. I'm not completely sure what your problem is from your description and photos but one of the earth wires is fitted with what is called a piggyback connector so that the second earth wire can also connect to it joining them together. The earth wires can then connect to the Earth connector on the heating element. If by any chance the piggyback connector is broken it would need retagging with another, they can be bought from places like Tandy I think but they usually require special tools to properly connect them. If you just mean that the earth wires don't fit tightly and are concerned they might come off there's a little springy bit in the centre of the connector that can be gently pushed in so that it latches onto the small hole in the male tag on the heating element connection.
  13. Hi, both these articles are in my washing machine faults guide linked to at the top of each page, it's best to check these out first - Washing Machine Tripping or Fusing Electrics | Washing Machine Door Will Not Open
  14. Do you mean that when the washing machine tries to draw in hot water it doesn't fire up the pump so there isn't enough hot water pressure but if you turn on the hot tap at the sink that does fire it up and once running the washer can fill with hot water? If so, apart from having to manually do that as a workaround I would suggest you buy a y-piece as mentioned in the article I linked to and run the washing machine on cold water only. It will work just fine, and may even wash laundry better but would just take longer on a hot wash. On all other washes it shouldn't make much difference.
  15. Hello wdc. If this fault only occurs on the hot wash (which should be a hot fill only) then it might be the hot water valve or hot water supply. Turn off the hot tap and take off the hot fill hose, then turn the water on whilst aiming the hose into the sink or a bucket to check the water flow of the hot water. Sometimes the taps can clog up - especially if by any chance it is one of those self-plumbing tabs which were rubbish. If the hot water flows well enough so that you'd expect it should be adequate then the water valve could be faulty. I expect you would have noticed if the valve filter was clogged when you tried removing the flow restrictor. One way to check if it's water supply of valve related is to temporarily swap over the hot and cold fill hoses so the cold is connected to the hot valve and hot to cold. If the washer fills up fine on hot wash then it's clearly the hot water supply not having enough pressure. You can use a hot and cold fill washing machine with just a cold supply if you follow these instructions and buy a y-piece connector - Washing machine is a hot and cold fill, but I only have a cold water supply and I would recommend considering this workaround because your next washing machine will be cold fill only anyway as they all are now.